Monday, October 31, 2011

Chocolate Week 2011: Chocolate Unwrapped

Chocolate Week ended with one of the most looked forward event: Chocolate Unwrapped. 

With producers and exhibitors coming from all over the world, if you're a self-confessed chocoholic or even just mildly so, you probably had this marked in your calendar and counting down the days, I know my friend did. After attending in 2010, she has been talking about it quite regularly throughout the year. 

So this year, I looked forward and prepared myself for loads of chocolate tastings and experiences. Chocolate Unwrapped did not disappoint. I left feeling overloaded with chocolate in both my tummy and shopping alike. Here are some highlights on the day I went. 

The chocolatier

The Chocolatier

A sign greets you that says no cream, eggs, butter or gelatine used. None of those in a chocolate? I had to check out the stall and owner Aneesh Popat was there. Aneesh started this business about four months ago and looking at the wide array of flavours available, it was quite impressive. I got a taste test and clean and sharp came to mind.  

The chocolatier

One to consider for the dairy intolerants or dieters as enthusiastically mentioned by Aneesh, "they have less calories than the standard ones!"

With the sheer array of flavours available, I couldn't help myself and bought several. 

Charbonnel Walker

One of only two to have the Royal Warrant as chocolate manufacturers to Her Majesty The Queen, that is endorsement indeed! On display were the chocolate truffles and the pink truffles. I tried both and to my surprise I actually prefer the pink Marc de Champagne Truffles. 


I was excitedly pulled to Oialla by my friend as she was there last year when he gave a talk. Oialla chocolates are made using only two ingredients ( bean and organic brazilian raw cane sugar) to let the taste of the cocoa beans speak for itself. I tasted the bean followed by the chocolate and was taken by surprise. The bean did not have the distinct bitterness that it is usually associated With. Biting and savouring the chocolate, it tasted of the bean. 


I have to mention about Akesson's. I met Bertil Akesson at the Pod to Providores Dinner and he was one of the exhibitors at Chocolate Unwrapped. After trying a whole load of what he has, my heart and palate was sold by the 'Milk Chocolate + Fleur De Sel' which is made from coconut blossom sugar. This is now my favourite salted caramel chocolate. 

Finally, my last stop was back at Benoit Nihant where I spoke to his lovely wife Anne. I was really intrigue by the round and ball shaped coloured chocolate with flavours like Yuzu? I am a HUGE fan of Yuzu. 

The little piece of paper on the side described it as an explosion of flavour. Anne was nice enough to let me try some and that burst of sharp and tangy Yuzu on your palate was unexpected but good. It was slightly surprising to find a Belgium chocolatier who uses non traditional flavours and incorporating it well too. I loved it and left with a box to savour at home. 

The day ended with the Cake Off and there were a whole lot of chocolate cakes on display. I tried a piece of the winning cake and thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Chocolate Unwrapped is such a great day out for families and general alike, you also get to learnt about the stories and varieties of chocolates out there. 

I'm already looking forward to 2012. Just come prepared to be overloaded with chocolate both there and with the goodies you bring home. 

To learn more about Chocolate week, click here


  1. I didn't even know it was chocolate week! love the sound of that yuzu chocolate!

  2. What a fabulous event! I'd love to go to something like this! :D

  3. Shu Han - Yes, I still have some sitting in my cupboard....I almost don't want to eat it as then I will have no more

    NGN - But at least Sydney has Sugar Hits. =)


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