Monday, November 21, 2011

C2S Travels: Amsterdam and seriously the best frites in the world (Part2)!

Within all that walking and exploring, one needs to be fed and ate I did. Based on the recommendations of some helpful people in Twitter-verse, a food map was drawn out.

First stop was a breakfast of croissant and coffee at Coffee Connection (Corner of Nieuwezijds Kolk / Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal)

It was good and satisfying.

One thing that is hard to miss are the frites shops at every corner and people carrying large coney bags of them frites and eating.

I made my way to Vlaamse Frites (Vleminckx Sausmeesters, Voetboogstraat 31, Amsterdam) which was recommended by Mr. Foodie, you can read his post here.

I am ambivalent when it comes to potatoes and fried stuff so it wasn't without a bit of trepidation when ordering. I am however always open to yummy food and willing to try when it comes recommended. So two bags of frites €2.50 were ordered, one cone bag with the traditional mayo and the other with curry ketchup. I can't help it, I've been addicted to currywurst since the magical trip to Cologne's Xmas Markets. There is just something about curry spice mixed with the sourness and sweetness of ketchup that has me hooked!

So how were the frites? They were goddamn awesome. The perfect thickness and length and freshly fried so that it was hot and piping and could give you a slight burn if you eat it too quickly. The crackling crunch of the crispy skin as you bite into it to reveal its light textural potato innards. Mixed all that with the curry ketchup and my palate never knew such pleasure from a frite. I need to place a disclaimer that I didn't get the same sensation with the mayo sauce but with a variety of over 20 sauces available, am sure that you'll find your little piece of heaven.

It was sooo good that for a person like me to crave and go back the next day and had a whole bag to myself; I have to admit that these are the best I've had so far.

We did try another place and it was more expensive and not as good.

There are quite a number of Indonesian eateries around and I went to on the recommendation of Mr. Noodles to Tempo Doeloe. Even on such a short notice, I was lucky to get a table it seems. We all ordered the Nasi Koening €30 which comes with the following:

Sajoer lodeh, paksoy, sambal goring tempeh, ajam opor, godon dari sapi, oerapan, ora arie, sambal goring beans, ajam roedjak, daging semoor, sambal goring oedang and sateh ajam.

The standard and quality of Indonesian food here is much better than any that I've eaten in London. Spices and flavours that tantalises and tease you, it was great although it was expensive.

I love brunch and after a slightly hazy night, it was great walking along the streets with the crisp chilled air providing some much needed refreshment and awakening my sleepy eyes. We made our way to the Pancake Bakery which was already packed and with a queue, signifying its popularity.

We probably waited for about half an hour before our turn came up and were led to a table. The traditional pancakes and poffertjes were also touted in my travel guide under 'local things to try'. So it was that I ordered the pancakes and I couldn't resist ordering the poffertjes from the specials menu as well.

The Poffertjes €7.95 was a welcome sight with its tiny dough pancakes resting alongside the grapes and chocolate liquor and scoops of with mint ice cream. This was without a doubt the highlight dish of my trip. The mint ice cream added a fresh coolness that works so well with the rest of its counterparts; I was transported to images of meadows and spring. It was like the moment in Ratatouille when the food critic was reminded and brought back warm feelings of his childhood. I was feeling the same way. Even writing this now transports me back.

The traditional pancakes €10 were good too although the poffertjes stole the limelight.

A stop was also made at Puccini Bonbons which offers a variety of flavours that I usually don't see. I ended up buying a few of the unusual ones like lemongrass and tamarind. The taste of the lemongrass overpowers the chocolate while the rest of the selections were unimpressive.

That was my glutton side of the Amsterdam trip. I love this city!


  1. Phew! I'm glad you like Tempo Doeloe! It's been a long time since I went, and I was worried that standards may have dipped.

  2. Mini Cooper Turbo
    I wanted to thank you for this great post!! I enjoyed every little bit of it, I have you bookmarked and waiting for all the new stuff you post.

  3. aisha - thank you. You just put a little extra sunshine to my day!


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