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C2S Travels: Skiing in France

2011 is nearly over in what seems like a blink of an eye. Although it wasn't a resolution of mine, I somehow found myself actually travelling at least once a month if not more. I don't think my bank balance looks healthy at the moment but some holiday experiences are just priceless wouldn't you say?


So going through my photos, I realised that I have quite a few travel posts in varying degrees of drafts. Time to pow through them and I thought I'll start with the two places I went skiing at the start of the year as now seems the time when people start looking at skiing trips again.

Did I mention that I have never skied before? Can you imagine on that very first day when I saw the kiddie slope and my friend and I looked at each other and went, 'that is SO steep! Honestly, with banners of cartoon characters and tiny tots around us, this it was almost laughable but not to a complete newbie who have not even put on a pair of ski boots or skis until that morning. Three days later and I was thinking to myself that this is nothing.


I generally found the management of the place well run and with good signage. Good snow too as you get these invisible men (invisible to me as I would be happily snuggling next to the fireplace chatting away with people) who worked during the night and early hours to piste the runs.

My goal at the end of my first ski trip was to complete this long Indian ski run which is classified as a blue. Much suited for a beginner and you pass some tepees and lovely scenery along the way.

So I loved my first ski trip so much that I went back a few weeks later but to La Plagne this time.

Picture 014

La Plagne is more suitable for those with a bit more experience as there are more blue and red runs with moguls. The signage isn't as good and you find people stopping at certain crossroads many a time trying to figure it out. Or you find yourself accidentally going down the wrong runs and facing moguls like I did.

Picture 012Picture 022
Picture 029Picture 032

Food wasn't as tasty and well valued but still good.

Picture 015

Skiing is definitely an amazing experience. At times you feel like you are literally flying in the fresh and crisp air (in a good way).

1. I never discovered the wonders of Compeed until a friend told me about it. It's the most amazing thing and better than plasters I would say. You can get them in Boots.

2. Been told that as an adult beginner aiming for your first ski trip in Europe, French and Swiss ski schools are the ones to go for.

I started out at Courchevel which is also known as the ritziest resort that France has which formed part of the three valleys, and with a good mix of green and blue runs. Lunch tends to average around and was of good value and standard.

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  1. Skiing in the French Alps was one of the best school trips to France I ever had. It’s a great place for beginners who have never been before, and the price isn’t bad.


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