Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Zenna Bar, Soho

Would you like to try some cocktails but with an Indian twist to them? I pondered for only a very short time and was game for it. The aforesaid bar that creates them resides in a quieter side of Soho and it did take some 'eyes peeled' to find it. Once located, I realised that you needed to descend a flight of stairs to the basement level where it has been decked out in a dark purple decor that is instantly cool and relaxing. 

I was here with SC as drinking with company is always better than drinking alone. 

House Nectar
The House Nectar £8 was silky with a sharp tang to it. The passionfruit really sings out which masks the underlying alcohol. Definitely one for the ladies or those who like passionfruit. Stay away if you are not. 

Coriander and lychee daquiri
Coriander and Lychee Daiquiri £8

As you tip your glass to drink the first sip of the coriander and lychee daiquiri, the perfume from the coriander greets your senses before anything else followed by the lychee as it touches your taste buds.  

You keep getting a mix of both hitting you at different intervals before it mellows and   harmonised together with the final note of coriander and lingering sweetness of lychee. A complex cocktail indeed as it was like a Battle of flavours in its depths and layers. 

Pineapple and sage mojito
Pineapple and Sage Mojito £8

The pineapple and sage was slightly on the sweeter side but not overly so. The balance of alcohol was judged perfectly with the sourness of the pineapple. 
On the herby side, the sage  counterbalances the mint well such that you don't end up feeling like you're drinking toothpaste. The main character in this mojito is the pineapple which makes it a much denser drink. 

Bobbing Apple
This Bobbing apple £8 is featured in the special Halloween menu. With the perfume of cinnamon and apples, it definitely reminded me of Halloween. 

House Platter
Midway through, we started munching on a Snack Platter £20 which had a mix of meats in various spices. All cooked well but with some being better than others. 

Moving onto the Raspberry and Mango Margarita £8. Five words - I really like this one. The mellow mango balances well with the tangy raspberry. They don't conflict with each other and I love the saltiness from the ring of salt laced on the martini glass. 

Now comes the much feared or talked about Illiana (The Golden Dragon) £15 with the words *W O R L D 'S   S P I C I E S T   C O C K T A I L* next to it. 

Are you game? 

The Golden Dragon
You say Yes, and there is another hurdle to pass through first which is signing a waiver form. A waiver form? You must be thinking how spicy is this cocktail?!

It even comes served with a fire extinguisher although honestly, the extinguisher isn't much help at all. 

The Golden dragon

The drink arrived and SC and I were left with the parting words 'good luck'! 

So we started with tentative sips to test the waters. The spicy kick sticks and lingers at the back of your throat. Much like the same that you get from chilli warheads. Get through the chilli pow hit and you can taste cherry with a hint of orange. This is a novelty cocktail and is a great idea. One that will slow down your drinking consumption and definitely not recommended for the faint hearted.

If the heat doesn't get you, the alcohol from the layers and mix of four different rums might just be the tipping point. 

Mango, Ginger & Lemongrass Lassi
Time for some dairy to cool down and we got the salted/sweet lassi and the mango, ginger and lemongrass version. Not overly sweet or thick, they were smooth and tasted like creamy yoghurt. 

I definitely enjoyed the cocktails here and I am happy that they do something unique and different with their cocktails. They actually work and is a great addition in Soho.

 Chopstix2Steaknives dined as a guest of Zenna Bar.


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