Monday, December 19, 2011

C2S Travels: Brighton, UK

The first time I've heard about Brighton was an article splashed across the morning newspapers about how a baby died from overheating on a sunny weekend day at Brighton beach. Not the most positive of news I know but the next one is; they have a Michelin rated vegetarian restaurant in their midst.

Brighton is really easy to get to and takes less than 2 hours by train. When some friends came to visit and wanted to check out Brighton, I decided to go along on a day trip.

Picture 170

We arrived at Brighton and walked along the streets until we found the beach. Greeting us was a sign that displays 'This is an award winning beach'. Umm, ok!

Picture 171

True to the weather in and around London, it is really rare to get a sunny day and while I was already counting my blessings that it wasn't raining, the sun also decided not to shine its sunny rays on us. A dreary cloudy sky was the option for the day.

Picture 180

If you've never tried jellied eels, there are numerous stalls lined along the beach path that sells that and many other seafood. Jellied eels were apparently very common in the past and are served as pub snacks. I've tried it once at Borough market for novelty sake and let's just say once was good enough for me.

Picture 182

How could you not have fish and chips while at the beach right? Our party decided to take a break when we got to a cafe that sells fish and chips. It wasn't great but we still had our fish and chips nonetheless.

Picture 195

We eventually got to Brighton Pier where arcade games lovers will rejoice. Hear the bells and chimes of those machines ringing away, get enthralled by the colourful arrays of neon lights blinking. Get yourself past the arcade machines and you get to the edge of the pier with the roller coaster rides.

Picture 198

When we had enough of the sun (or lack of), sea and sand, we made our way to the Royal Pavilion.

Picture 214

The Royal Pavilion was built for King George IV, in stages between 1787 and 1823 and is an oriental fantasy designed by John Nash. The exterior mimics and has a heavy middle-eastern influence yet the interior is of oriental influence. You need to pay to view the interior but I have to say that it is definitely worth a visit.

  1. You can get to Brighton by National Rail which takes slightly under an hour.
  2. The adult ticket for the Royal Pavilion costs £9.80.


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