Monday, January 9, 2012

Cook 4 Cooks - Chicken Rice

Resolution = eat out less + cook more + healthy eating + quality time with friends.

So it was that a group of us decided to start a regular cooking group call ‘Cook 4 Cooks’. We will take turns to cook what we cook best at home and that way, we get to learn, cook, catch up and eat!

Our first session is off to a good start with it being in January, Could it be the gung-ho healthy spirit that hits after a decadent December? After much discussions ranging from Bak Kut Teh, Hainanese chicken rice, herbal chicken to pan mee, we found ourselves at the place of LC&J.

We thought that we were only having chicken rice but what came out from the tiny kitchen under the hands of LC&J were one mouth watering dishes after another.

From the kitchen, we could hear the sound of a cleaver going bang bang as the whole chicken was chopped. It was then lovingly arranged and garnished. Next was the familiar sizzling sound of a stir fry as vegetables cooked in a wok. You bet we were hungry as our sense of smell and sound had been fully enticed!

Sliding into our seats and with our mouths watering, the dinner started.

If that isn’t a beautiful looking chicken, I don’t know what is. On the sides were an array of the obligatory chilli sauce, ginger and soy sauce.


Chicken Rice

A lot of times, I find that the rice that accompanies the chicken isn’t flavoursome enough. With people trying to be healthy nowadays, many restrained from using the chicken stock and fat to boil the rice. Good food should be enjoyed and everything in moderation, no?

The rice was just awesome. The level of saltiness, chicken flavour and aroma were so perfectly balanced that second and third helpings were called out many a times.

Braised Pork Belly

Not expecting this but out it came was the braised pork belly. Sweet and tender, with the fat melting in your mouth, I couldn’t have been happier.

Stir fry vegetables

Stir fry vegetables were needed to help balance out the meal and the Tamarind Sour Assam Mustard Green Stew is one dish that I haven’t had a chance to eat in a long time. Another dish that was eaten with the sauce drank as a soup with lots of gusto.

Sour Assam Mustard Green with Pork Stew

Leong Fan

For dessert, out came the leong fan with lychee. I was seriously bursting at my seams at this point. Your heart and mind still wants to eat more but your body is already protesting.


After all that food, there was more to come and I brought over some gingerbread cookies and chocolate truffles.

Gingerbread cookies

Lots of happy and satisfied faces. I can’t wait for the next one.


  1. Looks gorgeous! What a good idea, I always intend to cook more and in the end I never do. With this cooking club you are forced to and if the dishes that come out are so delicious - all the better!

  2. This looks wonderful, reminds me of what used to be home - Singapore! So, tell me, were you born in Singapore or Malaysia? Your "About Me" page doesn't say! Check out my Chinese New Year Menu Part 1 & 2! xx

  3. Braised pork belly! Do you have a good recipe I could follow?


  4. Wow! Your chicken rice looks amazing! Stumbled upon your blog recently as I have only recently decided to share my own passion on food via the medium of blogging.
    This post caught my eyes as chicken rice is one of my favourite dish when I was growing up in Singapore. I have also been recreating this wonderful dish whenever I latest effort was written on the following post(sorry for being a bit cheeky here) but please have a look ...


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