Thursday, February 2, 2012

C2S Eats: Budapest, Hungary

What do the locals eat? It's time to find out.


A must visit is the Great Market Hall located at the Pest end of the Liberty Bridge. Walk along stall after stall laden with strings of chillies and paprika. Browse through the arrays of Hungarian salamis, sausages, palinka and wines.

market 2

There was even a display of mushrooms that shows the types which are edible and poisonous. I was deeply absorbed and could have easily spend quite a few hours in there.

On the top floor, you can find fur hats, or table linen of various designs and colours. I noticed a queue outside a shop that sells Langos.

Langos are a disk-shaped pastry that is deep fried and you can select a variety of toppings. Do be careful as you might not be paying what is advertised as they keep asking you if you want to add this and that which means that you end up paying a lot more €€€. I wasn't too much of a fan of it though, it might be due to the toppings that I chose.


We found ourselves in Cyrano for lunch where they have a very reasonable lunch menu priced between €9 - €13.


Hortobagy style pancake with chicken

Goulash soup

Cyrano's version is a much lighter broth but doesn't take away the robustness and heartiness of the flavours that is associated with the classic version.

Vegetable marrow and courgette stew with tomato, served with risotto and green asparagus

I really like this, the stew had capers in it which helps to cut through the richness.


Roasted pork flecken with crackling creme polenta and tomato ragout

Hungarian ratatouilles with home made pasta pellets

Chicken paprika with egg noodles

The highlight of the mains was the ratatouilles with home made pasta pellets which added an extra textural dimension. The chicken paprika with egg noodles was unexciting.


Traditional apple strudel

Somlo style chocolate dumplings

We were happy and satisfied with our lunch and would happily come back again given the prices.

Local Festival

While exploring, there happened to be a cheese festival but there were plenty of stalls that were selling other delicious goods and though dinner was soon, we couldn't help ourselves.

budapest market

We found a Hungarian version of 'pork buns' known as Cipoban cult csulok. It comprises of a small bread that has been filled with smoked oven roasted pork knuckle, onion, bean and mustard before it is finally placed back to bake in the oven again.

budapest market 1

Blue Rose Restaurant

For some local cuisine, we found ourselves in 'Blue Rose Restaurant. We ordered the Blue Rose dinner menu CHF3,700.

Meat soup with Motza dumpling

Grilled goose liver with fried onion rings and with potatoes puree

This was amazing although it was a LOT of goose liver.


Very reasonable local restaurant which offers honest simple food.

Trofea Grill

The restaurant that left me with the deepest impression was one that we found quite by chance. After sleeping through our initial plan of visiting a bath house, we found ourselves heading for some food instead.

There are a few branches of Trofea Grill but the one to go to is on the Buda side which offers better décor ad quality of food. They have a lunch buffet that was about £16 and if one of your aims is to try as much of the famous local cuisine as possible, this is the place to be.

budapest 1


budapest 2

The food is of a good quality and includes as much champagne as you can drink too!

budapest 22

Truly a bargain and a fabulous eating experience.

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