Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Gourmet Lovers Brunch Supperclub

I first met Bex and Nick over an ice cream tasting at Ben's Canteen. Listening to them talk, it was clearly evident the passion and excitement that emanated from their words when they talked about their food and the supperclub. 

The magic words was when Bex mentioned about corn fritters and that Nick makes a kick-ass version. 

I came home and started to keep an eye out for dates of the supperclub. It did take a few months to find one where I could make it but I did. 

I prayed that the corn fritters would be on the menu and lady luck was smiling on me when the menu came out. It was!

The day arrived and it was the day after London decided to shower us with a rain of snow. Train cancellations and transport problems ensued but I was determined to make it there. 

I know how hard it can be for anyone hosting when people just don't show up. I made it and so did a whole bunch of others. 

Gourmet Lovers Brunch Supperclub

I had a Bloody Mary to kick up an appetite. This was clean and mild, a bottle of Tabasco sauce was available for those who like theirs to be kicked up a notch. 

Gourmet Lovers Brunch Supperclub
Saffron infused yoghurt with pomegranate and pistachio

The first course was a spoon ladened with saffron infused yoghurt and sprinkles of pomegranate and pistachio. Mildly sweet and clean, reminiscent of a palate cleanser. 

Gourmet Lovers Brunch Supperclub
Soft cheese blinis with berry coulis

Another gentle course to tide us I find. 

Gourmet Lovers Brunch Supperclub
Spiced beetroot and lentil salad 

Taste buds hits up a notch with the sliced beetroot and lentil salad. Every ingredient beautifully harmonised together.  

So far, I find the dishes served being subtle and smooth. Nothing to jot you in an extreme way, each serves to sooth and relax you against a warm atmosphere. Very much like a relaxing Sunday weekend  brunch where time almost stands still. There were people reading newspapers while some were chatting away and a few displaying dreamy expressions. 

Gourmet Lovers Brunch Supperclub
Baby benedict with home made hollandaise

The baby benedict with hollandaise was next and it came in a heart shaped design reminding us of Valentine's day looming. The poached egg was just sublime and almost all of us at the table had it polished within seconds. 

Gourmet Lovers Brunch Supperclub
Sweet corn fritters with crispy bacon, oven dried tomatoes and avocado salsa

Finally, the much awaited corn fritters arrived and they were good. The light freshness of avocado works with the heavier salty bacon and corn fritters much like two high school sweethearts. I was wishing for seconds after it was over. 

Gourmet Lovers Brunch Supperclub
Avocado helado with chocolate brownie

It was finally the last course where we were told that there was a secret ingredient. You could see us all concentrating hard to figure out what it was. We discovered what it was but I won't divulge.

Gourmet Lovers Brunch Supperclub

Here's a clue!

The avocado ice cream was a good contrast to the rich brownie. It was creamy and tangy and I could eat a whole tub of it. 

Before we know it, brunch was over and it was time to go. I am a fan of what these guys do and if you're thinking of brunch, why not head here. 

You can find more information on their website.


  1. Ooh. The sweetcorn fritters look better than the so-called professional efforts as knocked up by Granger & Co.

  2. Mr Noodles - I believe that to be the case too. Think I'll need to wait till I head to Sydney to try the awesome Granger version.

  3. I love the idea of a brunch club - and I agree the fritters look better than Bill's!

  4. Thanks for those compliments. Bills was always my favourite brunch hangout in Sydney and our initial inspiration for the brunch club, so we appreciate those comments:)

    1. You're welcome. Love what you guys do. Can't wait to come back again. x

  5. Ohhh, for someone to make brunch like that for meeeee! Love the idea of brunch club!


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