Friday, March 9, 2012

C2S Eats: Bucharest, Romania

Another weekend trip saw Ms. Chocoholic and I in Bucharest. It was a fun trip with relaxation and chilling being at the forefront for me.

We did go on a walking tour which started at 6pm, a little strange to have it at that time to me. As the night falls, you couldn't really see the buildings and places that we were brought to. Most of the people in the walking tour were also starving by the time it ended at 8pm.

With at least an hour wait at Caru cu Bere, that was a no go for us and we ended up at a steakhouse instead. It wasn't that the food was bad, It was one of those overpriced tourist places which I wouldn't recommend.

Not feeling satisfied, Ms Chocoholic and I found ourselves walking the streets back to a place which caught our attention earlier. It's called Chocolate Boutique

Browsing the menu, it took quite a while to read as it was a full on magazine size and styled menu.


I was really taken away with the Foret Noirei. Shaped like a flower petal encasing a swirl of chocolate mousse, biscuits, cream and raspberries, I was expecting a semi-hard chocolate casing. What greeted me instead was a soft (much like mouldable sheets) that was a perfect texture accompaniment to the mousse. I am never a fan of good chocolate which is moulded to be a casing and it tends to usually be too thick that it is too stark a contrast to everything else that it is served with. I left after the dessert fully satisfied and we couldn't wait to come back the next day to try out more.

The next day, we came for brunch. Talk about chocolate overload within 24 hours! The waiter was kind enough to bring a tray with a piece of every cake that they have and it took me a while to decide on what I would like to eat as half the time was spent taking photos.

We had a great brunch and the other stand out for me were the cookies. Crunchy without being overly buttery and yet aromatic, it was fully enjoyable. Though their desserts were not mind-blowing, I was really surprised to find such a gem in Bucharest. I think London needs chocolate cafes that serves good and solid desserts without breaking the bank, this would happily be my regular hangout!


If you happen to be in Bucharest, I do recommend heading to Chocolate Boutique.


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