Wednesday, March 14, 2007

C2S Travels: Off to Hong Kong I go.....

Finished my exams in the morning and now it's 10.22pm and this is the view from my seat on the plane leaving for Hong Kong! Yippee....can't wait!

My plane arrived early and it was only 4.20am in the morning! Nothing was open yet and I had to wait around for the train to start at 6am! So I ended up working on a crossword puzzle while waiting. Finally got to my sis's place and after a rest and some food, what did I do? why, shopping of course! First stop, 太子站.... it was literally if they only sell shoes, it's a whole street of shops that just sells shoes! so I went to check the fishes and they were so pretty! Fishes of all colours, even blue ones! Hopefully, you can see some from the pics above!

While wondering around, I saw this stall, they sell cloths like this to hang on your bedroom door! I really like it but thought that placing the pink one on my bedroom door is probably not a good idea! I might possibly be too old to get stuff like this! :(
Next best thing...a picture memento.

My favourite apples....Fuji apples! So hard to find nice ones in Sydney! They were so big and pretty here and cheap too! Only around AUD 2 for 4 apples! yum yum....I couldn't resist buying some.

After all that walking, decided to get back to my sis place and we went for dinner and some really nice yummy fruit desserts! That's watching TV to see what's on. Can't wait to see what the next day brings... night night!


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