Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Ajisen Ramen...味千拉面

Kept watching the advertisement for this restaurant on TV and I didn't really like it as the voice used in the ad was too shrill and the pronunciation of the Japanese words sounded a little too forced! Haha!

However, I did still ended up trying the food there.

What did I see while waiting to get in to eat? Their menu has a "Lovers noodles". Haha...I couldn't believe it.

My sis and I ordered a few dishes and one of them was "abalone". I simply couldn't believe that they offered this for HKD 35 I think when I saw on the menu. I definitely have to try it.

It was a cold dish and consists of baby abalones in a gelatine sauce. So good, it is definitely abalone and not some wannabes!

So if anyone is interested in some abalone without breaking your pocket, this restaurant is the place to be.

I was also really looking forward to trying this dish which is "Straw mushrooms wrapped in beef ". As you can see, the beef wraps the mushrooms really tightly and it was sauteed in butter sauce I think, I can't remember now but it was soooo good! The mushrooms burst in your mouth when you bit open the beef strip and the flavour encapsulates your entire mouth! So good!

We also ordered a ramen although I can't remember which one we ordered now. The soup was flavourful and the noodles had bite to it, definitely better than the ramen in "Wagamama" that I tried before in Sydney. I definitely don't recommend the ramen in Wagamama in Sydney.
You can definitely expect good food from this restaurant, I definitely would go back again.

Total Score ~ 20/25
[Taste - 9 (10) , Presentation - 3.5 (5), Service - 3.5 (5), Value for Money - 4 (5)]


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