Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Super super favourite.

While walking back from Wan Chai towards Causeway Bay, I started to feel hungry and decided to stop at one of those 茶餐庭。I can't remember what it was called but it is at the corner of Henessy Road and Tomochy Road.

I ordered the 紫菜五宝河粉。My My!

One of the best noodle soups that I've had had in years. I totally love the 紫菜. It's like seaweed. The 五宝 means 5 different kinds of balls like "wonton", "fishball" etc... The numerous balls were really fresh and very chewy 非常有弹性. Combined with the noodles and the soup, indescribable. You just definitely need to try it. To explain how good it is, this is one dish that I can eat every single day willingly and will not tire of it.

Just one thing if anyone can explain to me, since I've been here in HK and ordered quite a number of noodle soups, I still don't understand why is it that the soup is always white in colour. I'm used to clear soup in KL and Sydney and have never seen white soup before. Does anyone know why the noodle soups in HK are white in colour and not clear?
Total Score ~ 21/25
[Taste - 9 (10) , Presentation - 4 (5), Service - 3.5 (5), Value for Money - 4.5 (5)]


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