Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Chi Kei Wonton 池记云吞

When you enter Hong Kong, wander over to the visitor's information centre and you can find an abundant of information. One of the pamphlets that intrigued me was "Food in Hong Kong". It listed out all these different categories of food and which restaurant won in that category. One of these was the "won ton noodles".

I browsed through it and discovered that one of these "won ton noodles" restaurant on the awards list is in Causeway Bay and made my way there.

I ordered one of their lunch sets where I ended up with a "prawn won ton noodles", vegetables and dessert.

The "prawn won ton noodles" was great! The won ton skin is not sticky and not hard either so that when you bite into it, it splits cleanly with a spring in it! The noodles did not taste flour-ish and had the spring-ness in it that makes it good! This is exactly what I was looking for in a bowl of "won ton noodles". Not to mention the fact that the colour of the soup was what I expected, I still haven't figured out why noodle soups that I have eaten in HK is always white in colour, if anyone knows, please tell me.

I ordered the "Black & White" dessert which is actually red bean soup with "tau fu fa 豆腐花" and sago, (Black being the red bean and white being the "tau fo fa" and sago) hence the name.

Oh my! I have never had "tau fu fa" that tasted like this at all before. It was literally so soft (even just the term soft is an understatement) and it literally slides down your throat! So good.......

Definitely another must try!

I left the restaurant feeling satisfied!

I went back again for the second time as I saw a dish that they were advertising which intrigued me. It is actually crab porridge. The unique twist was that it actually comes in one of those small pot made of bamboo. The typical kind that you see "yum cha" restaurants storing their "tau fu fa". So this is a small bamboo pot and when you open the lid, you scoop the porridge out and they literally had one whole crab in it. It was good too.

Unfortunately, I didn't being my camera with me when I went back the second time so I didn't get a chance to show you how the crab porridge looks like.
Total Score ~ 19.5/25
[Taste - 8 (10) , Presentation - 3.5 (5), Service - 3.5 (5), Value for Money - 3.5 (5)]


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