Wednesday, April 25, 2007

发记甜品 Lucky Dessert (2nd time)

The first time when I went to Lucky dessert (post), I had some really good durian dessert but overall, I preferred "Healthy Dessert 许留山" as they seems to have more choices.

However, I decided to go there again after returning from Japan as I wanted to try their "Glutinous rice balls" series. As you can see, I am a HUGE fan of "Glutinous rice balls". So my sis and I trotted there one night to try out other desserts that we haven't tried.

I have to say that their durian dessert "榴莲飘香" is soo good that we couldn't resist ordering that again. We ordered two news ones which is the "Black sesame glutinous rice balls" and a mango cake as recommended in one of the articles.

The mango cake was really refreshing. It's mango slices wrapped in one of those thin cold layers like 冰皮 (not sure of how to describe this in English) and dusted with coconut flakes. I like this one considering that I am not a huge fan of Mango.

I tried the durian dessert again and it tastes as good as ever! Definitely a must try!

Went on to the "black sesame glutinous rice balls" and when I initially ordered that from the menu, I was expecting "glutinous rice balls with black sesame filling with like ginger/pandan water". What I got instead was 2 huge "glutinous rice balls" in black sesame!

WOW! my sis was laughing and I was wondering how am I going to finish that!

Thankfully, the black sesame wasn't one of those really thick liquid texture but was slightly more diluted which means that those who are not huge fans of black sesame will not back away from this either.

I totally love the size of the glutinous rice balls and they were really chewy and soft!

Yum yum....what else can I say.

I now place both "Lucky Dessert" and "Healthy dessert" on the same par and they are slightly different in their offerings which means more choices for those who are dessert fans!

Total Score ~ 19/25
[Taste - 8 (10) , Presentation - 3 (5), Service - 4 (5), Value for Money - 4 (5)]


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