Wednesday, April 4, 2007

发记甜品 Lucky Dessert

During one of the nights while walking around the World Trade Centre in Causeway Bay, I noticed quite a queue outside two restaurants, "Itamae Sushi" and "Lucky Desserts". As I was leaving for Japan in a few days, wasn't too interested in trying out the Japanese one but I am crazy about desserts so I dragged my sis to try it out.

The picture above shows an article on their entrance which depicted what is recommended and that it is a must try place. The other picture is the shop's name.

As we had to wait with everyone else, we browsed the margazine articles and their menu which they posted along the shop windows.

We ordered two desserts. One was a durian dessert and the other is the "Leong Fan (凉粉) with fruits.

I've not been a huge fan of durian since a few years ago as I ate durians nearly every single week when I was young. I tried the durian dessert and I have to say that for someone like me who doesn't really like durians anymore, this is definitely one of their *star desserts*. The durian is not too heavy as it was mixed with pomelo which gives it a refreshing taste when you bite into it.
I definitely recommend this.

The other dessert was pretty good to but the only problem was that the "Leong Fan" was in strips like noodles which doesn't make it very easy for someone to eat. That brought down the enjoyment of this dessert. Otherwise, it is actually quite good.
Total Score ~ 18.5/25
[Taste - 8 (10) , Presentation - 3 (5), Service - 4 (5), Value for Money - 3.5 (5)]


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