Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Cha Cha Char Wine Bar and Grill

We tried out Cha Cha Char which we had to make reservations for. We got ushered to our table and we decided to order drinks. I remember seeing a drink which I really wanted to try while at the bar. So, I told the waitress that we wanted the drink called "Cookies n Cream' I believe which was written on the glass panel near the bar. She didn't seem to get what we were saying and when I kept pointing to her where it was, she just doesn't seem to see it! Oh MAN!! That didn't go too well. I spent like at least 5 minutes trying to tell her. She still didn't get where I was pointing or referring to. She finally got it and she apologised, saying that the glass panels were installed only a few weeks ago so she doesn't know the drinks of the menu.

Hmm...well, if you're supposed to be an award winning restaurant, shouldn't the staff be trained to know?

Strawberries n Cream

Our drinks finally came and I sampled my drink! It was different to the one that was written in the glass panels. There wasn't any cookies. The drink was more of a strawberries n Cream. Somehow, the drink seemed to lack something and wasn't too good.

Beef Gravy, Tomato salsa and Butter

We were served with bread rolls a while later and this came with a plate holding a cow jug carrying beef gravy, with tomato salsa and slices of butter on the side. The waitstaff told us that this was one of the signature dishes. It looked really cute with a cow jug to hold the gravy. Presentation wise, this was good. Tried the gravy but felt that it could be thicker in texture as it was a little too runny to fully enjoy with the bread. The tomato salsa however was really fresh and full of flavour.

Beef Tasting Plate
Things started to go downhill from here. We were waiting for ages for our entrees to come. By the time it arrive, the couple who arrived at the same time as us sitting at the next table had already gone through their entrees and were on to their mains. Isn't that a little too long to be waiting? I got the Beef Tasting Plate. I can't remember the exact names anymore but it was quite good. Another guy ordered the Salt n Pepper Squid. It was extremely salty and he literally felt like he was crunching on salt. That was bad!

Lamb Shank
We finally got our mains after another long wait. How long? Well, the couple next to us had finished their desserts and were paying the bill! I had the lamb shank which good but somehow, you don't feel satisfied after eating it. It is definitely of a standard that you would expect of an award winning restaurant who boasts to have the best steak in Brisbane. Somehow, my friend and I felt that it lacked that something! It was that sense of joy or warmth that you get when eating the food. It just felt like the chefs just plunk a pile of ingredients together onto a plate but there was no love put into it! Now I understand when people say that when food is not cooked with passion and love, you can taste the difference. I got the same comment from my fellow diners. The poor guy who was eating salt rather than squid couldn't really taste his mains after the entree. Even his wine taste different as his taste buds were swamped with saltiness!
Sandcrab Lasagne with Crocodile Meat
After trying the Sandcrab lasagne at IL Centro which was to die for! One of the other guys ordered the Sandcrab and crododile meat lasagne here to try. It wasn't as good and the same comment applies as in there was no warmth or love coming from the food. The guys ordered steaks. It was good but they weren't ready to comment that this was the best in Brisbane.
By this time, we were tired from the long wait as well as not being too satisfied with the food. We decided not to have any desserts.
I left wondering what happened! Cha Cha Char after all came recommended, did I just come on a bad day? Later, when we tried a new restaurant called Bacchus did we realise that the head chef and owner was the head chef who resigned recently from Cha Cha Char.
Total Score ~ 13/25
[Taste - 5 (10) , Presentation - 3.5 (5), Service - 1.5 (5), Value for Money - 3 (5)]
Shop 5 Plaza Level
Eagle Street Pier
Brisbane QLD 4000
Phone: 61 - 07 - 3211 9944


  1. Hi Saryn,

    I apologise profusely to you and your friends for the poor experience you had at Cha Cha Char. For the reader, I was the Mr. Anonymous who had recommended Saryn and her friends to try this restaurant. I remember eagerly seeking feedback from their experience, yet receiving a very polite “five out of ten” reply.

    The excessive salt in one of the guy’s meals would also explain his excessive water consumption that occurred in the days following despite the nations growing water crisis…



  2. No need to apologise.
    All is good in the culinary journey.


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