Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Fook Yuen Restaurant

There are quite a few Chinese restaurants in Chatswood that serves yum cha. I tried this restaurant a year ago and was quite happy to come back. We were there on a weekday and it was relatively full. Unfortunately, it seems that they were not serving the full range of their yum cha today and we only got to eat a few of them.

Fried Cheong Fan /Chicken Feet

This is the first time that I had 'Cheong Fan' that was slightly fried. I have to say that it adds a crunchy texture to it that is quite nice. Not everyone is open to chicken feet but you have to try it. Do not get the boiled version as that doesn't have any sauce added to it. Go for the version shown in the pic. Great flavour, not oily, this is good!

Beef ball/ Fried Octopus

The beef ball was one of the last dishes we ordered and I was quite stuff by then so I didn't try it but the guys who ate it likes it. The Fried Octopus was good. Thin strips that are crunchy due to the batter and chewy due to the Octopus meat, yummy.

Har Gow (prawn dumplings) / Chicken Ribs

My favourite dish, the prawn dumplings. The prawn was fresh, the dumpling skin wasn't soggy and splits cleanly when you bite into it. That is a sign of well made prawn dumplings. For the more adventurous ones, the chicken ribs is worth a try! Small pieces of meat with a good dose of oil and a hint of chili, the chewy and slurp factor is way up there on the scale.

Prawn Spring Roll in Sesame/ Chicken Tendons
The prawn spring rolls was something new. Vegetables and prawns wrapped in a thin strip and covered with sesame seeds. It was a refreshing burst of flavour when you bite into it and the sesame added a new dimension, really heightens the taste. The chicken tendons was tasty and has a rubbery texture for those who are curious. But hey, figures that this is probably healthier than eating pure fat. :P
Yam & Water Chestnut cake / Siew Mai

The yam cake was dry and wasn't all that great. However, the water chestnut cake was just fabulous! The little pieces of water chestnut in the cake explodes in a refreshing burst of flavour when you bite into them.

Green vegetables in oyster sauce / Tofu dessert

A good portion of vegetables near the end is always good for the tummy. However, this vegetables were no longer fresh which was a bit disappointing. The Tofu dessert was a nice finish to complete the yum cha.

I find that this restaurant is one of the better ones serving yum cha and would happily come back again.
Total Score ~ 18/25
[Taste - 7.5 (10) , Presentation - 3 (5), Service - 3.5 (5), Value for Money - 4 (5)]
Fook Yuen Seafood Restaurant
Level 1
7 Help Street Chatswood NSW 2067
Tel : (02) 94132688


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