Friday, May 18, 2007

Melody Market, Chatswood

The melody market is held every Thursday along Victoria Avenue, Chatswood. It consists of a variety of stalls selling from food, clothes to accessories.

I have to admit that I go there mainly for the food though! Thursday is the one day that I always look forward to whenever I am in Chatswood! Below are some of my favourite foods discovered here...

Fishball Soup at the HonTou (红豆) stall

The Hontou stall sells mainly mini pancakes with fillings in them such as green tea, chocolate and red bean. They started to sell fishball soup at the side. This is really great! Hot Soup on a cold day such as winter now stuffed with all the different varieties of fishballs or of similar category. You get an egg, fishball, squidball, lobster ball + lots lots more.... Yum yum.....
If you want something light and at AUD5, I love it!

The Works at the Malaysian Stall

This is one of my favourite Malaysian stalls in Sydney. This is closer to the authentic Malaysian food that I have discovered. Best to go for the Works which consist of rice, a meat choice (you can choose from food such as Beef Rendang, Eggplant Sambal etc...), 2 satays with a fantastic peanut sauce, vegetables and 1 roti canai (Type of Indian Bread). A dash of everything to try. I totally love the peanut sauce, the crispy roti canai and tender Beef Rendang!

Cheese & Spinach Gozleme at the Turkish Gozleme Stall
You also have the Turkish Gozleme store which sells a pizza like style dish with fillings. You can go vegetarian such as cheese & spinach or go for the Combination (can't remember what is in this). I like the combination version, taste like pizza.

I will never miss this for the world. Japanese Takoyaki! Long queue and wait if you go at peak times. It is flour ball filled with ingredients such as octopus, crabs and prawns.

After trying all versions, my favourite is the Prawn and Crab Takoyaki. The prawn is filled with a type of mayonnaise and the texture of the prawns combined together with the flour ball is just delicious. The sweetness of the crabs also comes through in the Crab version as well.
Yummy! Try to go when they are not too busy and the quality will be at its best!

This is located near the end of the street and is a new one that I tried recently. It is set up like bar and you have stools at the side to eat your food. I decided to try the Garlic Prawns.

While waiting for my order, you can see in the left pic of the guys cooking and on the right, sauces that they sell.

The Garlic Prawn finally arrived in my hands. I ordered the Entree version which is the same price as the Garlic Prawn Roll at AUD7. Ooh~ It was soo good. Most of us who tried it was sighing with delight! The prawns were really fresh and I have no idea what marinate was used to cook the prawns in but they have been absorbed by the prawns and was just really really tasty! My entree came with a bread roll on the side too.
One of the guys loved it so much that he went back for a second helping at dinner time.

The melody market is open from around 11am till around 8pm every Thursday.
Total Score ~ 20.5/25
[Taste - 8.5 (10) , Presentation - 3 (5), Service - 3.5 (5), Value for Money - 4.5 (5)]


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