Wednesday, July 11, 2007

85 Degrees Cake Shop

A new store that hit the city of Sydney last year. You always see people stopping to look at the displays of cakes. This started in Taiwan and is even more popular than Starbucks over there. We are blessed with this when someone decided to open a franchise here in Sydney.

How can you resists the trays upon trays of wonderful assortment of cakes!

On the other end of the window are the whole cakes and logs on display.

There is also an assortment platter available which consists or a slice of all the different cakes which is a good idea (See top pic)!

I am drooling over these Tiramisu and Srawberry Cardina Logs!

We settled upon the strawberry cardina and a slice of tiramisu. I have to say unfortunately, that the tiramisu was quite bland. The sponge layer was clearly not soaked in any coffee or booze. There was only a dusting of coffee powder layer on top of the cake slice.
The strawberry cardina however, was divine. Not to sweet either! I ended up trying the Hokkaido Cheese another day and I liked that too.

I think this is a give and take. Some of their offerings are wonderful creations while some are just not worth your while. You just need to play a game of pick and choose and find the good ones.

Maybe the assortment platter would help.

85C Cake Shop
Shop 9, 545-551 George Street
Meriton Tower, Sydney NSW 2000


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