Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Takeru Japanese Cuisine

At a quiet little corner of Sussex Street houses this restaurant. Blending seamlessly within the area, it does not have the volume of traffic as its counterparts such as George street. However, do give it a second look when you pass by as it does offer an interesting mix of dishes and quick services. Those who know of this place come by the droves for dinner and you will usually see a queue.

I came here before and am back to try other items on their menu.

Fried Rice Omelette with Bolognaise sauce

Anything with egg is a favourite of mine. The fried rice was not oily and was quite light and tasty. The Bolognaise sauce blended well with the other ingredients and was a nice western twist to a Japanese dish.

Beef Steak

Kim Chi Pizza

Seeing something like this on the menu, we finally braved ourselves to try it. Layers of kim chi and onions on a light and crispy base with cheese sprinkled on top. This will definitely be a favourite of those who love their kim chi.
Salmon ceaser salad

I can’t remember what this is called but the crispy texture of the pork katsu teamed with and egg based sauce brings about an overwhelming feeling of warmth and home.

Lastly, we had lotus roots chips. These are sliced lotus roots fried and topped with chilli. Yummy! An alternative to the traditional chips.
Total Score ~ 20.5/25
[Taste - 8(10) , Presentation - 4.5 (5), Service - 4 (5), Value for Money - 4 (5)]

Shop10, 339 Sussex Street
Sydney NSW 2000
Tel: 9283 3522

This was quite tender and tasty!

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  1. I have a kimchi pizza recipe for you to try out on youtube.


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