Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Milliore Korean Fusion Restaurant

Having since discovered the wonderful dish called “Yuk Hwe”, I’ve been an avid fan since and have been going to Korean restaurants with any chance I get to try this. Have to say that some restaurants make it better than others.

A friend of mine suggested one that is located in Capital Square near Chinatown. Happily we headed there. Throngs of filled tables greeted us and we were lucky to obtain the remaining table (more like space as we had to share the table with another party).

Some of their dishes are really huge and is value for money at the price that they charged. However, as there was only me and a friend this time, we had to skip it as we would not be able to finish those dishes.

There was the usual small side dishes and these were quite tasty.

Of course I ordered the Yuk Hwe (which is raw sliced beef strips with pears, radishes (sometimes apples) and sprinkling of sesame seeds, marinated with soy and sesame sauce and I am pretty sure something else though I’m not sure what). The other dish that we ordered was the Stir-fry pork strips with vegetables.

I have to say that the Yuk Hwe was excellent. Their version of the sauce and combination of vegetables was really complimentary of each other. The raw beef slices were still half frozen which is the best way to enjoy them. Some places serve them to you already defrosted, yuck! Best Yuk Hwe I’ve tasted in Sydney so far.

The stir-fry pork was of an acceptable standard. I will definitely come back here again.

Total Score ~ 19/25
[Taste - 7.5(10) , Presentation - 4 (5), Service - 4 (5), Value for Money - 3.5 (5)]

Milliore Korean Restaurant
Shop G10, 730 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000
Tel: 9212 2828


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