Sunday, June 15, 2008

Mom's cooking

One of my friend's mom kindly graced us with her culinary skills with a lunch during the weekend. We were treated to Chinese Laos home cooking.

Having been away from home for so long, home cooking is a welcome treat!

Checked out the huge pot of Laksa awaiting us, it's not just for us to finish of course!

While waiting for others to arrive, we started munching on these yam cake slices.

Spring rolls all prepared (ready for frying).

Fried just right, not too oily and with a nice crunch.

This was a tad spicy!

Chinese fried rice.

How could we forget, the laksa!
This is the sweet version as it has a lot of coconut.

Ended with a nice choco cake from Michel Patisserie

Thanks Katherine, it was a wonderful meal.


  1. hey!
    i love dining out aswell i LOVE your blog !!!!

    im bookmarking it :) hehe

    I just ate at kobe jones teppenyaki at the rocks on the weekend - beautiful stuff have you been there before?

  2. The spicey meat dish, in case you were wondering, is a Lao/Thai dish called "larb". It's made of pork mince, pork skin, spanish onion, lime, chilli, coriander, fish sauce...probably a few other things, and is best eaten with sticky rice. :)


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