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Being a huge Japanese cuisine fan, I was told about this gem of a restaurant nestled in Crow's Nest. A 6 course degustation for $45. It was simply a little hard to believe and a party of us went for it, opening ourselves to a night of salivating delights.

As we were a party of 10, we were ushered into the private room.

(Light was dim as is the norm for many restaurants, hence, the quality of my pictures have been affected as a result. I do not like to use flash photography in fine dining restaurants as a courtesy to other diners).
All seated, we were all excited and can't wait to begin.

We were served our starters "Japanese clear soup, with yuba tofu sheets and thinly sliced carrots".

The saltiness of the soup awakened our appetites even further and was a nice way to begin the degustation.

Course 1: Assorted small eats (deep fried soft shell crab taco, beef tataki, 'ponzu' & flying fish roe jelly.

Each were bursting in flavours individually. The crunchiness of the soft shell crab with a Spanish twist thrown in with the taco. The sauce that accompanied the beef tataki was heavenly. Flying fish roe jelly, need I say more? and this was only Course 1.

Course 2: Sashimi (Salmon and kingfish sashimi, accompanied by lemon mustard dressing)

Course 3: Entree (Option 1: Pan fried beef with basil and dill, mustard cream sauce)
(Choice of 3)

Course 3: Entree (Option 2: Sauteed 'yuan' marinated kingfish, white miso vinegar sauce)
(Choice of 3)

Course 3: Entree (Option 3: tempura prawn, sweet and spicy ground pork miso sauce)
(Choice of 3)

Course 4: Sushi (salmon, avocado, creamy mayonnaised potato, plum sauce)

Course 5: Main (Option 1: salt black pepper beef tenderloin steak, creamy mashed potato)
(Choice of 3)

Course 5: Main (Option 2: oven baked spatchcock, asian spice, balsamic soy vinegar)
(Choice of 3)

Course 5: Main (Option 3: oven baked miso marinated cod fillet)
(Choice of 3)

Course 6: Dessert (Option 1: sweet sake creme caramel)
(Choice of 2)

Course 6: Dessert (Option 2: chocolate cake, vanilla ice cream)
(Choice of 2)
Instead of writing about every dish, it can be summed up wonderfully. It was awesomely delicious!

Each and every dish was enjoyed by everyone one of us. The outstanding bit was the sauces that accompanied each dish. Truly unique and it really says a lot about the chef. A good Japanese chef is about their sauces.

The flavour of each produce was greatly enhanced and combined well because of the accompanied sauce.

At $45, the quality of each dish as well as the creativity that went into it, a true gem. This place will not stay a secret for long.

Total Score ~ 24.5/25
[Taste - 10(10) , Presentation - 5 (5), Service - 4.5 (5), Value for Money - 5(5)]Location:


32 Falcon Street
Crow's Nest

Tel: 9906 7736

(WAQU has since changed its menu with the winter season and it is now a 5 course at $49 instead of a 6 course at $45). I guess it has to happen with recent economical changes.

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