Sunday, November 15, 2009

Harry's Bar

Looking for a venue to catch up with some friends, we chanced upon this place from Toptable.

Upon entering the pub, we were greeted with a corridor with nooks and crannies where tables were set up lit with a nice warm glow. Perfect place for private catch ups while still soaking in the friendly atmosphere.

We were hungry and went straight to the mains.

Fillet of pork medallion with Marsala wine and apple sauce served with dauphinnoise potatoes

Braised venison with red wine and port, button mushrooms and onions, dauphinnoise potatoes

Spaghettini with lobster and white crab in a light bouillabaisse sauce

The mains were surprisingly better than expected and we were all tucking in and savouring the flavours. Both the meat dishes were tender and the flavours of the sauces complemented the meats. The lobster and white crab were not overpowered by the bouillabaisse sauce.

Moving on to desserts, we had the

Homemade apple tarte tartin with vanilla ice cream on the side

Chilled rice pudding topped with crushed pistachio nuts

Sticky toffee pudding with fresh custard on the side

Each was rich in flavour, very decadent (not to mention the calories!).
This is definitely one of the better places to be if you’re looking for British food.

Total Score ~ 17.6/25

[Taste - 7(10) , Presentation - 3.8 (5), Service - 3.8 (5), Value for Money - 3(5)]

Please click here for the locations.

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