Saturday, November 28, 2009

Made in Italy (Nov 09)

Am back in Sydney for a quick trip and one of the first places that I HAD to go was definitely Made in Italy. I have been craving their Italian cuisine (especially the tiramisu) for many many months now.

Made in Italy has expanded again! They have now moved their dining area to the new building across the road. The original restaurant is now a take away place.

Looked around the new restaurant and this is what comes to mind “Very simple décor yet spanky!” First thing I did walking in was to check their dessert display. My name has been mentally tagged onto one of those tiramusi cups!

We made our orders and waited to dig in.

Capricciosa pizza (Tomato, cheese, ham, Italian sausage, mushroom, garlic and chilli toppings)

The base is really thin and breaks like a cracker giving a nice crunch. I have not had a good thin pizza base like this in a long time. The chilli gives a bit of a bite to the pizza.

Polpette tagliatelle (veal meatballs, garlic, chilli in a napoletana sauce, pecorino romano)

Fresh ingredients combined to create the Polpette. Simple yet delicious.

The highlight of the dinner was definitely the desserts glistening behind the glass counter, waiting and taunting the customers.

Ricotta cheesecake. This leans towards being a savoury dessert with raisins mix in that have been soaked in rum. The cheesecake by itself is a little hard and dry but the side of cream complements it well.

Ultimate bliss. The combination of the mascarpone cheese with the biscotti and rum and coffee, Aaaaaah!!!

No words to describe, somehow the proportion of each ingredient is just right to give the creaminess without being overly rich. Even after travelling Italy and parts of the world this past year, I still find the tiramisu from here the best.

Total Score ~ 21.5/25

[Taste - 9 (10) , Presentation - 4 (5), Service - 4 (5), Value for Money - 4.5(5)]

Please check their website for more details.

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  1. wow looks great. i haven't heard of the place but sounds really good. :-)

  2. Hi Simon,

    you should try it. Although recent news says that perhaps their tiramisu is not as good as before which is quite unfortunate. not sure if it is still the master making it or it has been delegated to an apprentice.

    I like your food photos!


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