Sunday, February 14, 2010

Kaishoku Michiba

Iron chef no. 2 that we are trying in Tokyo, Japanese cuisine - Rokusaburo Michiba.

Lunch is a good way of trying out quality restaurants where the price tag for dinner could be a bit too much!

Really like the decor!

2 different lunch degustation was ordered.

Degustation 1

Hors d’oeuvre
(Shrimp, green beans, gingko nut, whelk, chestnut and pine nut dressed with a tofu and chestnut puree)

Seasonal Platter
(Sashimi of the Day)

Main Course - 5 different dishes
(Sweet soy glazed salmon and a tofu dumpling grilled in the oven served with a thickened bonito broth and topped with salmon roe)
(Steamed fish and simmered turnip served with a miso flavoured americaine sauce)
(Deep fried shrimp and maitake mushroom served with grated daikon radish)
(Dish of the Day)

(Plain rice served with a fragrant miso soup and pickles)

(Dessert of the day)

Degustation 2

Degustation 2 mirrors degustation 1 but with a smaller menu and price.

We ordered the second option for the main course which is the udon wheat noodles.

Fresh ingredients topped with subtle and heavy flavours used like they were intertwined in a dance to accentuate the taste of the main centrepiece in each dish. The standard and quality is exquisite and is the better experience of the 2 iron chefs that I have been so far.

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