Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Lock Up

This is a prison-themed restaurant located in Shibuya. Although we had directions, it still wasn’t easy trying to find it. It was located next to a flight of stairs heading downwards, not easy to spot when you can’t really read the language!

We were treated to some spooky scenes and moving floors before arriving at a rusty iron clad door. A victim was handcuffed and the rest of the party followed to our prison cell. It was really cool!

Browsing the menu, there were cocktails were in tubes and syringes with names like DNA experiment and came in colourful concoctions.

We made a mistake with our order and realised later that we ordered the all you can drink cocktails for 90 minutes. We were drowning ourselves in cocktails as soon as we realised that.

It was so much fun!

We were greeted with a surprise halfway through our meals (will keep it a surprise!) and were fully entertained! The food is not the draw point but if you are looking for a good time out or to celebrate with friends, definitely an awesome choice!


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