Thursday, February 18, 2010


Trying to arrange a place to catch up with my Sydneysider friends, we decided on Wagaya. This is owned by YesFood Group who owns several other restaurants including Sushi Rio and Takeru. I’ve been to those and have had good impressions, I was looking forward to Wagaya.

Even on a Wednesday night, there was no shortage of patrons and they were quite booked out. We arrived at 8pm and were seated quickly. There was a touchscreen menu at the end of the table where all the ordering is to be done. The good thing about this is that all items on the menu have a picture.

As our group was quite big, all of us obviously couldn’t use the touch screen, hence there were some menus for our perusal as well.

The food is of similar standard to that of its other sister and brother restaurants. However, it has the novelty of a touch screen menu. The food and drinks comes out pretty quickly after it has been ordered. It definitely lessens the time wasted always looking out for a waiter/waitress.

There was something interesting on the menu which was the Russian Roulette. It is basically a plate of six salmon sushi with one of them having lots of wasabi in it. It’s your luck if you pick that one! The expression on the lucky person when eating the wasabi sushi was priceless!


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