Tuesday, March 23, 2010

侨香园 (南京东路店)

This is a shop that serves Yunnan cuisine. A friend of ours especially raves about the 过桥米线.

The shop is not easy to find if you are not specifically looking for it as it is located on the second floor and only a small sign amidst the array of advertisements points to its whereabouts.

There is a huge sign that displays the menu at the entrance of the shop which allows the customers to peruse being entering the shop. There are quite a number of tables available but it becomes especially packed during lunch time.

We ordered 2 different versions of 过桥米线 as well as some cold dishes on the side. The过桥米线 uses thick vermicelli noodles in a soup that has 菠菜. The vegetables help to lighten the thickness and flavour. At RMB10, this is a steal!



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