Friday, March 26, 2010

港丽餐厅 Charme Restaurant Shanghai

This is my favourite restaurant from my last trip here and I always look forward to coming back. No surprise that a beeline was made for this restaurant in this trip. Charms offers a menu of both Chinese and western dishes as well as a fusion of both. I find that in terms of fusion food, Charms hits exactly the right spot in terms of the combination of ingredients used and the resulting taste. Not all chefs are able to create fusion dishes that are a success.

Charms always has a queue and is always full, waiting for a table is to be expected.

Tofu, black egg and dried mince pork layer cake served with sweet soya sauce

This is a modern twist on a local cold dish that a Shanghai friend made for me a long time ago. Being presented as a layer cake definitely ups the aesthetic and appeal factor.

Sugar-cane smoked duck breast with lychee and mango jelly

This totally opened my eyes and is my absolute favourite. What you get is a a refreshing sensation from the gaminess of the duck breast which has been accented due to its smokiness combined with the chilling sensation coming from the lychees and jelly. The fine layer of sugar cane caramelised on the skin of the duck breast adds a touch of sweetness and is definitely a delight!

I cannot rave enough of this.

Stewed soft fish ball with asparagus

Biting into the soft fish ball and this definitely is home made/made in house. The fish balls has a layered texture and the aroma and silkiness slowly expands and fills your mouth with its flavour with each bite.

Stir fried diced beef sirloin with shallot and wasabi

A normal dish that has been given a new twist with the wasabi. Eating the beef pieces and having the wasabi exploding and shooting up your nose and head was a new experience but a good one. Never thought that wasabi would go well with stir fried diced beef but it does.

Jumbo toast block with honey

I see nearly all the tables in the restaurant having this and couldn’t resist ordering one. This is such a simple dish but ingenious idea! The walls of the toast has been baked to a thick and hard crust. The bread itself has been cut into cubes and lightly slathered with honey. Biting into the warm and ultra soft and fluffy cubes of bread with the aroma and sweetness of the honey melting in your mouth, sublime!


This is actually very well cooked!


I’ve recently become obsessed with 木耳 and am always ordering dishes that have this.


The day that we went for dinner was the last day of Chinese New Year. On the final day (14th day), it’s customary to have glutinous rice balls in soup. Even though it wasn’t on the menu, we asked a waiter whether they had any. Next thing we know, she kindly brought a few small bowls over.

Charme has a number of branches around Shanghai.


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