Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tai Guan Fu 太官府上海

This restaurant is a fair distance from Shanghai city centre and it took us quite a while to get there. When we arrived, we could not figure out how to open the door (embarrassing!), someone kindly showed us this crystal ball on the side. You are meant to touch that and the doors will open.

香蜜鸸肝 (Steamed foie gras with honey sauce)
糖醋海蜇 (jellyfish with sweet and sour sauce)
蛋黄大明虾 (Taiwanese fried king prawn)

噜噜鱼头皇 (Boiled river fish head with soy sauce in hot pod)

干锅牛蛙 (Stewed frog meat)

I was quite disappointed with the food here. The steamed foie gras was oversteamed. The rest of the dishes are quite ordinary, but it could be that we ordered the wrong dishes. One of the party in our group who has been here before said that it was much better previously.

酒酿圆子 (Dumplings in rice wine soup)  

Dessert fared better. The dumpling in rice wine soup was flavoursome with the aroma of the rice wine, the rice dumpling was soft yet chewy.

The taro is moist yet the coconut batter is crispy and the aroma of the coconut adding depth to the dish. Yum!

The highlight of the place is its décor, including the toilet décor! You literally sit on a red throne, however the flush in my cubicle wasn’t working!



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