Friday, March 12, 2010

Spoon Paris

One of the good things about staying in London is the convenience of taking the Eurostar train and in less than 3 hours, you end up in Paris.

On one of this impromptu moments, I found myself thinking of where should I head for dinner. Ended up going to Spoon, which is owned by Alain Ducasse (Michelin chef).

A large group of diners arrive the same time as I did but the waiters handled it well. After taking the coats and being shown our seats, we were given the menu and left in peace to browse through.

The new menu in Spoon is about being in harmony with nature, as well as a special puzzle treat for all diners.

I was pleasantly surprised to see a blend of east and west ingredients being incorporated with nature foods such as quinoa being on the menu.

After placing our orders, our designated waiter turned up with the ‘puzzle’. The puzzle is a range of 8 different flavours that are to be savoured with the pikelets provided. It was quite fun trying to guess and figure out what flavours we were tasting. I managed to guess the easier ones like ketchup and BBQ sauce, but the rest was a little mind boggling. It will be interesting to play one of the blind food tasting games and see how I fare!

Jugged young rabbit from “Poitou”, tender shoulder, mashed pumpkin

This was really lovely and definitely warms the soul, especially in the winter season. The meat was soft and tender and using rabbit meat gives a heartiness to the dish.

Signature chocolate pizza

As this was advertised as a signature dish, it did not take much persuasion to order. I was quite curious as to how Spoon’s version will be.

Oh my! The crust is extremely light which means that you can eat the entire pizza without realising. That was a really smart twist as a heavy crust in addition to chocolate would have been too much. The chocolate used is dark chocolate which will appeal to dark chocolate lovers and prevents the dessert from being too sweet. Dollops of hazelnut (I think) sauce gives it the extra richness. Watch out! It’s so easy to finish the entire pizza by yourself. I had to stop myself from eating after a few slices as this is definitely a calorie bomb.

I have to commend on the service received as well, as busy as the restaurant was, the service is excellent. Our designated waiter has really good timing and even knew whose coats belong to who when we were leaving the restaurant.

I leave with my mind already planning the next visit.

Spoon, Paris
12, rue Marignan

75008 Paris
Subway : Franklin Roosevelt - Parking Marbeuf
Tel : +33 (0) 1 40 76 34 44


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