Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Art Salon Shanghai

Was recommended this place when looking to try out some local home cook style traditional dishes. Fronted by a French concession exterior and the décor is of old shanghai. The salon itself is not that big, no more than a handful of mismatch traditional tables and chairs filling any available nook and cranny.

We were seated and immediately served with their house tea (屋里香色特茶–茉莉仙桃). This tea is a combination of rose (玫瑰) and jasmine(茉莉) tea. Properties of this tea includes clearing of body heat and toxins, refreshing the mind and body. 清热解毒,建脾利气,提神醒脑

It was quite a cold and windy day and the tea warmed us up nicely.


The dish is made by adding salt, pepper and wine to season the fish. Followed by freezing before leaving it to dry. What you get is fish that is of a dried texture and on the salty side.

I can see this appealing to some people but just not for me.


This is a mixture of a whole bunch of ingredients including salted egg, tofu and prawns to signify that everyone is well, hence the name of the dish.

This is really nice. A refreshing dish with the various ingredients teasing the taste senses and palate.


I really like this. The glutinous rice balls have absorbed the natural sweetness of the dates.


I’ve had 炒鲜奶 before but this does not taste the same. Could not taste the milk at all, it tasted like eggs.


This was quite nice although on the sweet side. It reminds me of 无锡排骨 but this being made of tofu.


Eating crab is always messy and this is no exception. The 年糕 has been cooked just right with a slightly sticky but firm texture. The rich sauce is a good balance as the 年糕 itself has no flavour.



This was one of the last few dishes to arrive and not sure if it was our mistake or the waiter as we do not recall ordering this. This was the tip of the iceberg and we really could not finish all the dishes.

Overall, the quality of the dishes is really good and will gladly come back again. Its small and cosy setting allows for a catch up session with friends or even a meal out with the family. On the way out, noticed that this restaurant has got quite a bit of awards throughout the years, well deserved!

164 Nanchang Lu,
Huaihai Zhong Lu
(near Sinan Lu, Metro Line 1 Shaanxi Nan Lu Station)
近思南路, 地铁1号线陕西南路站
Tel: 5306-5462


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