Sunday, August 22, 2010

Swiss Chuchi

Nothing like going to a place and trying their traditional local cuisine. Two of that on the food list are the fondue and Raclette potatoes. Swiss Chuchi came recommended and this is where we find ourselves. The lady serving us was really friendly and in general we have not had any problems with language at all.

After putting in our orders, we sit back and savour our local wines while our nose was filled with the aroma of cheeses coming from the fondues from other tables. I got a Merlot from Ticono while the other is a local reisling house wine. Easy on the palate, it was enjoyable after a hot summer day's worth of walking and wandering.

Our cheese fondue came quite quickly and we started to dig in. Cubes of bread was layed on the table in addition to a sack.

The sack had our potatoes in them. I thought a raclette was melted cheese that was placed on a boiled potato on a plate. Not potatoes given to you and you dig the cheese from the fondue pot and place it on the potato yourself. Oh well! Guess it made sense since we did order a cheese fondue which is essentially melted cheese. We got the traditional cheese fondue which is a mixture of four cheeses with white wine and cherry brandy.

The alcohol is definitely strong which resulted in the cheese tasting light on the palate. Although eat a few of these and you feel it expanding in the tummy. You can order it without alcohol but I am all for strong alcohol!

Only cheese and bread will not do and we ordered a sausage and cheese salad. This was standard.

Swiss Chuchi
Rosengasse 10


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