Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cafe Sprungli, Zurich

I blogged about Café Sprungli and how they have branches everywhere while in Zurich. Today, I got a chance to head there for lunch. Simple decorations and a semi-homely setting which suits it well so that the focus is on the food. You immediately get caught up by the array of colours and wonders that beckons you from the display counter.

We were 10 minutes late to order their Sunday buffet where you get to try all their creative concoctions and delights as well as the breads and savoury treats.

In the end, ended up ordering an omelette with grilled vegetables and ham. For drinks, I got myself a hot chocolate. The omelette had just the right balance which allowed the sweetness of the sun dried tomatoes to burst through. The bread that came as the accompaniment was really fresh and I just cannot say no to bread, says me, the carb addict!

The hot chocolate was not too dense and was smooth and light. My companion loved his cold chocolate milk!

After lunch, I just could not resist ordering some macaroons to go for my travel onwards in the land of the Swiss. You get about 10 macaroons for the price of CHF10. That was a lot of choices and I got of course my favourite, which are the rose, champagne gold, hazelnut, bourbon vanilla, dark chocolate and lemon.

It came in a really nice decorative box which has a sticker to say to eat it fresh. You open it up and get greeted by a nice little card and finally, the suspense is over! Savour your eyes on the macaroons.

First flavour was the lemon macaroon. It was a burst of lemon tangy flavour and was quite refreshing. Second flavour to try was the rose, this wasn’t as good as I expected. The taste of rose wasn’t coming through. I could taste the champagne in the dark chocolate and any food that has alcohol in it is right by me.

The macaroons are good and if you like macaroons, try Laduree, I think it is better in terms of the depth of flavour and the texture.

Cafe Sprungli
Bahnhofstrasse 21
8001 Zürich, Schweiz
044 224 47 11

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  1. thanks for the photos ... you have me convinced to try!


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