Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pickled Green, Edinburgh

On a recent trip with some friends to Edinburgh, we discovered this gem of a restaurant within its city walls. Bright and sunny décor, it reminded me of Sydney and of hot summer days and Al Fresco dining. Don’t know why that combination but nevertheless.

We had the dinner menu which is a 3 course for £25.

Courgette and watercress tart, lemon mayonnaise, salad

Not being a huge fan of quiches, this looked strangely similar and I wonder how the combination of courgette and watercress will work. This tart was a wonderful surprise. As a cold dish, it worked really well.

Salad of smoked pigeon, red onion jam, black olive biscuit

Slivers of smoked pigeon, tender and hearty at the same time. The sweetness of the red onion jam makes this a delight.

Mussels cooked in Thornly crossed cider, cream and sage

This was also eaten with gusto. We eagerly looked forward to our mains.

Seared fillet of trout, new potato and asparagus salad, salsa verde

Roasted haunch of venison, game broth with potato, mushrooms and truffle

Tajine of Borders lamb, new potato salad and confit lemon

The potatoes were full of flavour which I can understand why it is an accompaniment in nearly every dish. All the mains were scrumptious and delectable.

My compliments to the chefs, what you get here are fresh ingredients cooked to let the flavours of each play a part and harmonised in a dance. The ingredients used are full of flavour where you can almost imagine the farms and pastures and taste the air it came from.

Chocolate pudding, strawberries, basil syrup

Roasted banana crème brulee, salt caramel

Vanilla cheesecake, raspberries, heather honey

The desserts were equally good. The basil syrup adding an interesting twist to chocolate pudding. I remember the vanilla cheesecake the most! Hint of vanilla encased in the smooth and creamy cheesecake. Variations of sweetness coming from the combination of the deep rich earthiness in the honey and raspberries with a hidden surprise of crackle candy popping in the mouth.

This 3 course dinner at £25 is definitely worth the money and I would happily come back again.

Pickled Green
158 -162 Rose Street, Edinburgh EH2 3JD

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