Monday, November 8, 2010

And the Legend continues with....Dumplings' Legend

Leong’s Legend seems to be on an expansion plan as this is the second restaurant that I know that open this year alone. I have to say that when I went to Dumpling’s Legend, I had no idea at that time that it was part of the same chain.

You’ll find their latest venture right smack in Chinatown. With big class windows and white décor, it didn’t look too inviting. However, the menu was intriguing enough and there was also a glass window which looks into the area where the ‘xiao long pau’ 小笼包 are being made.

It was quite busy even for a weekday when we had our dinner but service was brisk.

First order was for the 小笼包 (Szechuan spicy xiao long pao). 8 were presented in a basket and we hungrily dig in. First test, see if the skin breaks when it is picked up with chopsticks. No holes..yeay!!

No holes means I get a whole mouthful of the soup stock when it burst in my mouth. The skin though thick enough to withstand pressure from chopsticks, yet it is thin enough that you don't just eat a mouthful of pastry skin. The xiao long pao was not spicy at all for me but otherwise is quite delectable.

奶沙鸡 (Stir fry chicken with crispy milk granules)

I just love to try new dishes with intriguing names and this was the least adventurous dish that I was able to convinced my dining friend to try. Not knowing what to expect, I was looking forward to it.

The dish reminded me of the butterfly prawns dish that I eat in Malaysia which is one of my favourites so I really like it. You can taste a slight hint of dairy but is basically fried chicken that was crunchy and juicy. I really love the fried milk granules bits.

鱼松竹筒饭 (Sticky rice with dried fish floss in a bamboo tube)

This was sticky rice that I quite like. Not overly oily yet each sticky grain hints of the fish floss and soy sauce. It isn’t heavy with flavour, but that is due to it being less oily and fish floss is used instead of pork floss. Don’t go for this if you like strong flavoured dishes as this is more subtle.

Another good job so far it seems by Leong's Legend, the standard is always maintained at a certain level and offers an additional choice to the usual plethora of Cantonese cuisine and buffets that are in abundance in Chinatown.

Dumplings' Legend, 15-16 Gerrard Street, Chinatown, London W1D 6JE

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  1. I've been meaning to try this place, as I love XLB but find it hard to get the good stuff in London!

  2. Mr Noodles - I agree. It's not easy finding good XLB in London! This is one of the better ones although I think they still need to work a little on the consistency. First time I went it was great, second time not as good as first time.


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