Monday, November 8, 2010

The Magpie Cafe, Whitby Beach

Since arriving in London, I am still in my quest to find good old fish and chips which is an English tradition and institution in terms of food!

The closest I came to one that I really enjoyed was in Borough market. My culinary friends decided to take us Londoners to a particular one here that is well known for their fish and chips. It is definitely a sign when your friends start to rush you there even before the clock strikes twelve in the afternoon otherwise there will be a long queue. Very good advice as it seems that we managed to get the last table available. Wow!

Blurbs on the different types of fish

 Is always a good sign when they have a board which tells what fish they have, sign of freshness??

 We ordered the fish platter that came with 4 different types of fish. Actually make that 2 whole platters for a table of 4! How are we going to finish I have no idea.

Think I hit the jackpot this time. This is good old simple fish and chips. The fish from here is definitely fresh and came with a batter that was non-greasy, crispy and light in flavour so that it doesn’t detract from the fish.

I stumbled out with what felt like an overflowing belly from eating two whole fish portions per person but with a satisfying smile on my face!

Eating in costs about £5 more, and judging by the queue that you can see here when we left, the takeaway option is also equally good and favoured as you can see by the crowd and this sign.

Magpie Cafe
14 Pier Road, Whitby

Whitby, YO21 3
Tel: 01947 602058

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