Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dim Sum at Pearl Liang

I like Mr Noodles love of dim sum as I fall into the same category as well. After reading a recent post of his on Dim Sum in London, it has inspired me to do a Dim Sum Post Marathon Week! or else I don't know when I will get around to clearing the mountain of eateries I've been.

So for Day 1 of Dim Sum Marathon Week, is Pearl Liang.


Dim Sum….I can have it anytime of the day! Not sure whether it was the early morning rises that I had to do as a child in order to have them, having baskets and baskets of little goodies being rolled around by the trolley ladies waiting for you to pick them or the good times associated when eating with family and friends.

It was only until I landed on Western shores that I had to get used to the concept that Dim Sum starts at 12 in the afternoon. Ah well, a birthday celebration from my friend W saw a bunch of us and me finally stepping into Pearl Liang for some dim sum.


Top L to R: Prawn Dumpling £2.80 Wasabi Prawn Dumpling £2.80
Bottom L to R: King’s Crabmeat with Egg White Dumpling £3.20 Shanghai Dumpling with Pork £2.50IMG_1576 IMG_1562

Top L to R: Chicken Feet in Black Bean Sauce £2.50 Pan Fried Turnip Cake £2.50
Bottom L to R: Yam Croquette £2.50 Barbecued Pork Puff £2.50

Top L to R: Shu Mai, Barcecued Pork Cheung Fan £2.80

Bottom: Chrysanthemum Custard Bun

As far as dim sum goes, Pearl Liang serves a nice variety of selection that is tasty and of good quality (as expected as you do pay more here). Set in a nice and warm ambience and staff are friendly.

For the fried food lovers, you will love the chrysanthemum custard bun. Would also recommended the wasabi prawn dumplings.

I am still trying to find my cheung fun with fried dough stick that is as good as the one I had in Melbourne.

Happy dim sum!

Pearl Liang, 8 Sheldon Sq, Paddington, W2 6EZ

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  1. Starting here might make it hard to visit some of the others!

    Glad you like the custard bun. I still haven't had its equal elsewhere!

  2. Hi TomEats,

    Custard Bun is good....there are no rivals for that in HK?

  3. Never liked Pearl Liang's Dim Sum. I find that they are too heavy on the salt. Also never quite liked the environment. Too dark for my taste. This place will never be my 1st choice for Dim Sum. Would only go if I was part of a bigger group that insisted on going. I must admit thought that my observations do differ from a lot of my friends that like this place.


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