Wednesday, December 29, 2010

富临轩 Fu Lin Xuan : Amazing views with the top dim sum in town

I decided to end my Dim Sum Marathon Week with a place that I went for dim sum which I really enjoyed and got me discovering a dim sum that I now eagerly try to always look for wherever I go.


Unfortunately this place is not in London but rather in Shanghai. We went to the branch in Infinity Plaza which boasts a view of the city skyscrapers.

脆皮童子乳鸽 Crispy Skin Pigeon

They are known for their Crispy skin roasted pigeon so we ordered two for the party of four. We were greeted by glossy thin crispy skin crackling covering the meat, doesn’t it look delicious?

It certainly was, the skin was thin and crispy and the meat was tender and just so tasty!

皮蛋瘦肉粥 Congee with Century Egg and Lean Pork

Hearty congee made just right. It was devoured quite quickly. Partly because when we were searching for this place, it started raining and we were all half soaking wet and squishing into the restaurant by the time we found it.

鲜虾蒸肠粉 Prawn Cheung Fan

XO 酱萝卜糕 Carrot cake with XO sauce

I really missed this and this hit the spot for me. The aroma and the taste of XO sauce on cubes of carrot cake that is crispy on the outside followed by a soft chewy texture.

富临轩虾饺皇 Fu Lin Xuan Emperor Prawn Dumplings

荷香珍珠鸡 Sticky Rice with Chicken

风爪 Chicken’s Feet in Black Bean Sauce

奶黄流沙包 Custard Liu Sa Bun

I have never tried this before and was advised to try it by my Shanghai friend who took us here. This is not a like the custard bun that we usually eat at say Pearl Liang but a savoury version. This is custard with runny egg. I absolutely loved it. The filling was this creamy yet grainy texture with the egg adding a whole new depth of flavour. I think this is my new favourite dim sum.  I wish I had taken a picture to show the runny golden egg filling!

蜜汁叉烧包 Barbecued pork bun

The total bill came up to 264 yuan which is around 26 pounds. Excellent dim sum, if you have a chance to head to Shanghai, do not hesitate to head here. Its reputation as one of the top Dim Sum eateries is well justified.

富临轩 Fu Lin Xuan
Address: 3rd Floor, Infinity Plaza, 138 Middle Huaihai Road (near Puan Road)

This concludes my week of Dim Sum posts. It has made me rediscover ones that were seemingly forgotten and relive my favourite ones. Hope you all enjoyed reading!
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  1. That's cheating going to Shanghai!

  2. LOL!! But the Dim Sum was really good though.

  3. Was still thinking of heading out for some dim sum later on and I came across your post. Argh... now I have to get some.

  4. London Chow - Me too. I am heading for dim sum the second time this week. Apparently Leongs Legend does dim sum too so plan to try it out this weekend. Where are you thinking of heading?


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