Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Phoenix Palace

Day 6 of Dim Sum Marathon Week and we are at Phoenix Palace.

I was told about this place when I first came and was asking around for some recommendations on places to eat. I was given a list which included Phoenix Palace with a side comment saying that a lot of celebrities head there.

Now, celebrities I did not see but dim sum I did eat!




The Dim Sum came up to about £14pp which is reasonable. The quality is good but not outstanding. I found that I prefer the ambience in Pearl Liang and the dim sum there actually if I have to travel to the west for Dim Sum.

Phoenix Palace is good but not memorable for me.

Phoenix Palace, 3 - 5 Glentworth Street, London, NW1 5PG

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  1. Been here a few times with family and friends. Fast and reliable. Definitely no fireworks and not exactly very memorable. Loads of photos of labour politicians on the wall (are these the celebs you are referring too?). Ambience is busy but controlled. You prefer the ambience of Pearl Liang? Pearl Liang does feel more upmarket but if I wanted that ambience, I would prefer to go to Princess Garden in Mayfair instead. So this is another restaurant that I'll go to if it happens to be convenient or if friends invited me. Wouldn't usually be my 1st choice.


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