Thursday, December 23, 2010

Imperial China : Quietly bustling away under the radar!

It was many many moons ago that I was in Imperial China so this is definitely one rustled up from the archives for Day 5 of Dim Sum Marathon Week.


Nestled on a quieter street in Chinatown, it was almost a blink and you missed it entrance. I felt like a child again when you had to walk and cross a bridge overlooking a pool of carps to get to your final destination. Décor is the standard understated opulence of wood and cream/neutral draperies.

Tables are spaced out to give the diners a sense of privacy and I remember that it was a quiet atmosphere.

BBQ pork puffs
Deep Fried Stuffed Pastry with Pork £2.40

Yam croquettesprawn dumpling
Fried Taro Paste Croquette £2.40 Prawn Dumplings £2.80

chicken feetDSC04681
Steamed Chicken Claws in Sauce £2.70 Fried Prawn Wonton £2.80

DSC04683turnip cake
Fried Crispy Squids with Sauce £2.60 Turnip Paste Pudding £2.40

prawn cheung fanDSC04684
Prawn Cheung Fun £3.10 Spare Ribs in Chilli & Black Bean Sauce £2.40

Not the best dim sum but it is respectable quality. I did not have any that I thought was bad sans fried crispy squid (which wasn't ordered by me!). One of the better options when you find yourself in Chinatown. I like the ambience, service was good, prices are reasonable, ticks a lot of the boxes!

It is funny how when people suggest to go for dim sum, Imperial China doesn't slip into the minds immediately but I actually think it should be considered. Most of what you order will be liked which I have to say can't be said of my other favourites, Princess Garden and Floating Lotus which was only through many rounds of sampling that you know which are the good and bad ones to order.

I should head back to Imperial China again to see how it is now after many many moons!

Imperial China, 25 Lisle St, London, WC2H 7

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  1. Always enjoyed Imperial China. While not outstanding, they are very consistent. I like their taro croquette. I enjoy the environment and decor too. The inner courtyard allows natural light in; a nice change from the usual dark cramp surroundings that feature in too many chinese restaurants. The prices are very reasonable for the location and quality of food. Service can be better but this comment applies to most chinese restaurants.
    - wai2k

  2. WK - Maybe I really should head back there for dim sum again. Have you tried Princess Garden?

  3. I can't believe that I have never tried Imperial before. Heard quite a few good comments about the place. Hmm, one more 'to go' place added to my list in the new year. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. London Chow - It seems to be one of those that is under the radar. I have to go back too and see how does its dim sum fare now.
    Merry Xmas!

  5. @Kay. Yeah tried Princess Garden once. Definitely feels more upmarket than Imperial China but sometimes that makes me feel uncomfortable! I think Imperial China strikes a good balance. Has anyone tried Royal China Club in Bayswater?


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