Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Let’s go Yum Cha at Yum Cha!


Sorry, I couldn’t resist with the title. For Dim Sum Marathon Week Day 3, it is Yum Cha!

My love of dim sum has gotten me to travel to Camden upon hearing of decent dim sum at Yum Cha.

Roped some friends and off we headed. When you arrived at Yum Cha, I wasn’t sure what to expect from a place that serves Thai & Malaysian cuisine but entered we did. It has a slight rustic décor setting of redwood round tables and chairs, like stepping into a café from the olden days.

L to R:
Taro Croquette £2.40 Baked Honey Roast Pork Puff £2.40 Salt and Pepper Squid £4
Sesame Prawn Toast £2.40 Prawn dumpling £2.40

L to R:
Chinese Prawn, Chive & Bamboo Shoot Dumpling £2.40 Beancurd Pork & Prawn Roll in Oyster Sauce £2.40
Prawn Cheung Fan, Honey Roast Pork Cheung fun £3 each Custard Bun £2.40 Turnip Cake £2.40

L to R:
Egg Tarts £2.40 Steamed Lotus Lead Rice with Chicken & Shrimp £3.20

The Taro Croquette had a crunchy exterior and a soft creamy grain texture that was a pleasure to eat. Not oily either. Pork Puff was all puffy pastry and honey roast pork oozing out waiting to be eaten. Beancurd Pork & Prawn Roll was tasty too.

I wouldn’t go for the Salt and Pepper Squid or Sesame Prawn Toast again as the squid had a dry rubbery texture with not much flavour and the Prawn Toast was just insipid.

Everything else was of decent enough quality, and at those prices, I wouldn’t hesitate to come back when I need my dim sum fix in that area.

Yum Cha, 36 Chalk Farm Rd, London, NW1 8

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Yum Cha on Urbanspoon

[If you don't mind the travelling, Floating Lotus in Docklands are of similar prices but better quality (if you pick the right dishes!)].


  1. I found Yum Cha to be very average. Fine if you're in Camden but not worthy of a special trip.

  2. Mr Noodles - Agree! It's the place I'll go if I'm in Camden area and can't complain at those prices.
    Good enough for a dim sum fix!

    Doesn't beat Pearl Liang or Royal China or Princess Garden.


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