Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Quo Vadis: Smooth Operation

Quo Vadis, another project from the same owners of Fino and Barrafina. Based on the popularity of the other two, I was expecting good things from QV.

Having a show to watch at the West End, Quo Vadis was a perfect spot to have an early dinner.

Picture 005

We were the early birds and the place was still largely empty. It gave me time to take in the decor which oozes a rich elegance.

We opted to go for the pre-theatre menu which was priced at £17.50 for a two course and £19.50 for 3 courses. As I wasn't too interested in the desserts available in the pre-theatre menu, I decided to go for the 2 course while my dining partner went for the 3 courses.

Picture 006
Split pea and bacon soup

Refined and smooth, this went down well.

Picture 007
Middle White brawn with piccalilli

This was good as well with the pickled vegetables on the side adding tartness.

Picture 008
Pork belly, Jerusalem artichoke & apple sauce

I only had a bite of this and it was tasty with a slight melt in your mouth texture without being overly rich.

Picture 009
Skate with leeks, capers & parsley

The skate was a tad fishy for those who are sensitive to it otherwise it was cooked just right with the onions adding a touch of sweetness.

Picture 010
Bitter chocolate ice cream

Did not expect to see the spun sugar deco at the top but it was a nice touch. You can never go wrong when there are dark chocolate fans on the table and this was the perfect choice.

Picture 011
Chocolate Louis XV £9.20

I always get intrigued whenever I see this on the menu, especially after a most amusing read from a certain chef.

Created originally by Alan Ducaisse I believe, I now seek to try it where I can. Although less so compared to my obsession with tiramisu.

The Dessert Louis XV comprises of praline which gives it its crunchiness, topped with dreamy chocolate mousse, and shrouded in a thin layer of melted plain chocolate. A final flourish of edible gold leaf is what gives its distinctive regal flair. The composition is supposed to exude a rich and sensual sensation when eaten.

How was QV's version? Good but it just seems to lack that Je Ne Sais Qua

I really enjoyed my dinner here and I think is a fantastic option for pre or post theatre dinner. Ambience was comfortably relaxing, service was attentive and quality was good with very reasonable prices.

Will I recommend: Yes
Will I come back: Yes
Have I had better: Yes

Quo Vadis, 26-29 Dean Street, Soho, London, W1D 3LL

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