Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bubbleology. Soho: The new bubble tea in town!


Some of you may know how much I adore Bubble Tea. There aren’t really many places where you can get that, and where you can, it is even harder to find a consistently good one. When I heard about a new bubble tea place hitting the town, you bet I was excited.

Bubbleology had the official opening a few days ago and I was one of the lucky people who attended.

When I first arrived, you could see the people still busy setting up the place and getting ready. It was great to talk to the founder, Assad and he was really charming and enthusiastic. My hopes were increasing as I was told about how he went to Taiwan to learn from the bubble tea masters. Definitely a good sign of some good bubble teas being made here?


The predominant drink is bubble tea here but they also serve Monmouth coffee as well as a whole selection of cakes and sweets. I tried the Lemon cake which was light with a sharp tang.


As more people arrived, things started swinging. Samples of bubble teas were making the rounds and these were a few that I've tried. Green apple flavour was fruity and sweet. Lychee was refreshing and the tea was more prominent in this. If you are an almond fan, go for the almond, otherwise its distinctive taste might be too much for some. Mango was pleasantly creamy in a fruity way which mango lovers would love.

Most importantly, how were the pearls? The pearls served here are the tiny versions which have the QQ or chewy texture. A fine balance of being soft and chewy. It was exactly like the bubble teas that I had in Taipei.


The whole decor was fun and funky. It was a very vibrant and youthful vibe reminiscent of the hangout places in Taiwan but with a Soho vibe.


I came back the next day and got myself a ginger pearl milk tea. Love it. The ginger accented the tannin of the tea. The pearls were just as soft and QQ. It’s not as sweet as another place where I get my bubble teas but that is how it is served in places. Some serve their pearls honey-soaked while others places don’t.  

I prefer my bubble tea hot rather than cold, can’t wait for when they start serving hot bubble teas. For bubble tea newbies, you can also tailor the sweetness of your bubble teas by requesting for less or more sugar depending on your preference.

It's great to finally find a place that is dedicated to and serves great bubble tea, which also provides more ample seating for people to chill out. I know where I will be hanging out often, just hope that I can find a seat when I'm there.

Will I recommend: Yes
Will I come back: Yes
Have I had better: This is as good as it gets.

Bubbleology, 49 Rupert Street, Soho London W1D 7PF

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  1. Oh this is one for me. I adore bubble tea and other bubble fruit drinks. I used to get my fix at one of the places at the Oriental City food court (which I STILL mourn, btw) but am looking for some options in town.


  2. Love it! I am a fan of bubble tea too! Now I know where to get ;)


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