Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Burrito Masterclass with Tortilla


When the lovely Jaxies asked me months ago if I was interested in a Burrito masterclass, I gave it about two seconds before saying yes! I can’t recall the last time I had a burrito; it might actually be a case of never and was looking forward to giving this a go.

So one fine day I find myself trotting off after work ready for some food and action. I was greeted by the lovely Ewa who gave each of us a T shirt and some additional info on the ingredients that are used in the form of a booklet.


When everyone has arrived, we were ushered to a more private area and were given a quick talk about the ingredients, their philosophy and how Tortilla started. It was really interesting to listen to their experiences firsthand and what they went through. Their passion for burritos clearly shines through, especially all that talk about the beef. I am seriously salivating and WANT to try the beef that was highly raved about.


Next up, a whole bunch of ingredients (cilantro, onions, avocado, tomatoes etc) was presented to us and we were given the opportunity to make our own guacamole. This will be my virgin experience at making guacamole; in fact I don't even know what goes into one other than avocados.


After some serious mixing and mashing, I hoped I made guacamole lovers proud or at least a little.


Here is my attempt.


It was burrito making time next and we all huddled around the counter and some of us couldn't resist sampling the food. We are foodies after all. MY, those beef are GOOD!

One by one we lined up, wore our gloves and made our burritos. The tricky bit is in the wrapping of the ingredients in the tortilla. I managed to do a nifty job, yeay!

What goes into a burrito? You start with a tortilla which is lightly toasted. Next pick your choices of vegetables and beans followed by the choice of meat. No guesses which one I selected! Pile the guacamole next and the hot sauce. In Tortilla, there is a mild, hot and fiery option. If that is not enough, you can still put any of these.

After we have all made our burritos, it was time to eat. I really enjoyed mine. The beef was juicy and overall it tasted fresh and yummy. No oily or greasy aftertaste. We all got a certificate after for attending the masterclass, which was such a nice touch.

I have to say a few days later, I couldn't help myself but went into another eatery to have a burrito for lunch. My experience was not great as the burrito was sloppily made and wasn't as tasty. I won't be naming this other place here.

After trying out at least another place, I'll say Tortilla will be one place I'll be coming back to.

To share the love, the nice people at Tortilla have given me three vouchers to share with the lovely readers here.

This giveaway is open to London readers only (sorry but Tortilla is only available in London at the moment).  The winners will be chosen using an online randomiser and announced at the end of this post. When commenting please leave your e-mail address so I can contact you if you win.

If you would like to win one, please do one of the following, or all to increase your chances. Please leave a separate comment for each entry or they will not be counted.

Leave a comment below telling me what your favourite burrito is.
Like my Facebook page and leave a comment stating that you have done so.
Follow @cstix2stknives on Twitter and leave a comment stating that you have done so.

Follow @tortillauk on Twitter and leave a comment stating that you have done so.
Closing date: 10pm Wednesday 6th July 2011

Good Luck!

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Winner 1Winner 2Winner 3

The winners are....
No 8 - Enric
No 9 - I Heart Cupcakes
No 15 - Jason Pinto

Congratulations and will be in touch shortly.


  1. This looks awesome! Wish we had a place like this in Taiwan!!! Or even easy access to all of the proper ingredients (though we get by as much as we can with what's available)

  2. I've tried tortilla once and thought they were ok - but a bit.. hmm . Anyway my favourite London Burrito place is actually Flying Burritos on Middlesex St.

    but they close in the evenigns so I find myself at Chilango in Islington occasionally if its a late night Burrito snack.

  3. Brett - There are so much more wonderful stuff to eat in Taiwan that I can't get in London either so I guess we both need to travel to eat other not easily accessible goodies!

    Luke - I haven't tried Flying Burritos or Chilango, will keep in mind. Thanks for the tip!

  4. Oh I agree! The guacamole was exceptionally good! Thanks for sharing =) Love the post. Am getting hungry already. No excuse to try out Tortilla now since there's one in CW! Favourite burrrrrrito? gottabe a salsa roja pork burrito stuffed with peppers & onions with extra guacamole, lotsa jalapeno peppers & crunchy lettuce and dashed with a neat squeeze of lime!


  5. I like Tortilla's burrito. Can't go wrong with tasty tender meat and crunchy vegetables snugly wrapped up. Now give me my free burrito already.

    PS: Me thinks you have got the closing date incorrect. Is it Tuesday or 6th July?

  6. My favorite is Red Beans, own made tomatoes sauces, avocado slices, a spoon of creme french, and top with some cheddar bits! Amazing!

    Lilian Foo

  7. Your guacamole looks DELICIOUS! :)

  8. For me the best one is the burrito with frijoles negros, chicken, cheddar (full), tomato rice and mild sauce OMG! Just trying to have one a week @Tortilla to avoid overweight...
    Obviously I'm already following Tortilla on Twitter ;) (@enricpedro)
    My mail: icantry at

  9. I love Tortilla burritos - they're lovely - the beef is my favourite too!

    This looks like a fun night out and I'd love to win.

  10. I like the pork one, mmn pork!!

  11. I have followed you on twitter as well @chiarapinto yes I thought long and hard about that! Hi Kay :-)

  12. My favorite burrito is the grilled steak with a combination of mild and hot salsa, as the hot salsa has a good chilli kick which gets the tastebuds zinging and the fresh salsa tomato calms them down after.

  13. I have liked your Facebook page.

  14. I have followed you on Twitter.

  15. I have followed Brandon Stephens (Tortilla UK) on Twitter.

  16. The pork with black beans is a close second of mine to the grilled steak burrito - but don't forget to add a squeeze of lime to bring it to life!

  17. A great bean burrito with large dollops of sour cream. Yum!


  18. I follow on twitter @dejanestpas

  19. I follow Tortilla on twitter too :) @dejanestpas

  20. My favourite is the beef, with guac, sour cream, black beans and lime rice. YUM!

  21. Oooh, Burritos!

    I'm thinking black beans, pulled pork, guacamole maybe some sour cream....and mild spice and other times hotter!



  22. Anything with black beans and guacamole is a winner- but to me coriander and lime are what separate an ok burrito from a great one.


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