Friday, July 22, 2011

Primrose Bakery

Picture 117

I first heard about Primrose Bakery when I was given their recipe book as a gift. Primrose Bakery is touted to be the one that introduced cream cheese frosting and the likes to London.

Heading for a friend's housewarming, I found myself heading to the Covent Garden branch to buy their cupcakes.

Picture 040

They definitely looked lovely indeed and were a winner in terms of aesthetic.

When I finally tried the cupcake, I was disappointed. The icing was too dry and hard such that when I was trying to use a spoon to cut and pick up a portion to eat, the icing cracked and jumped out of the cupcake to spray over the sofa in little meringue texture pieces.

Picture 034

The cake itself was lacking the moist and soft airy texture. Weeks later, I went back again when another friend of mine wanted to get some cupcakes from there. I bought one of their specials and still agree with my initial taste and view.

I think twice is enough for me, I can think of other places where I would go sooner for my cupcake fix.

Will I recommend: No
Will I come back: No
Have I had better: Yes

Primrose Bakery, 42 Tavistock Street, London WC2E 7PB

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  1. A dry cupcake is so disappointing, especially when they look so good. I usually get my fix at either Bea's or The Hummingbird as they're close to home, though for me Ottolenghi has the best cakes in town, one of the things I miss about living in Islington.

  2. I never had a really good cupcake I have to say, never quite understood the hype surrounding them. This post just supports my view that cupcakes are more show than substance. They are very pretty though...

  3. Mario - I have yet to try Ottolenghi, will make a note to have their cakes.

    Ute - Do try Sunshine Bakery if you happen to be in Leeds, still my favourite cupcakes that I've had in the UK.

  4. I love Primrose bakery cupcakes - SO good!


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