Thursday, September 8, 2011

Barrafina, Soho

I find myself walking in to Barrafina one evening when my friend and I were looking for a place to eat on a random Saturday with no booking in hand. These are the times when you are glad that there are places which have a no reservations policy. 

We walked in to a queue and found ourselves waiting for one of the coveted seats. Well, there is no point in waiting without ordering some tapas to pass the time and also to quell the tummy rumblings. So we ordered three. 

Chorizo and potato chips

Chorizo and potato chips £3.2

Pan Con Tomato Pan Con Tomato £3.75

Lomo £7.5
My favourite is the chorizo and potato chips. Deliciously fatty, salty and savoury. 

We finally got ourselves some seats and we proceeded to order more food.

Tuna TartareTuna Tartare £8.9
Light and well balanced with the natural taste of the tuna enhanced and shining through. 


I can't remember what this was called on the menu or maybe we didn't order it from the menu and just went with the recommendation of the waiter. I love skate and this was sweet and fresh.

Coca Mailorquina with spinach, pinenuts and sultanas
Coca Mailorquina with spinach, pinenuts and sultanas £4.9
Another lovely dish with the spinach, pinenuts and sultanas harmonised well with each other. 

chocolate tart
Chocolate tart £4.7
Check this out, the tart base is really thin and you get a whole load of chocolate in this. A semi creamy texture with a deep depth to the flavour without being overly rich. Dark chocolate or non sweet dessert lovers should like this. 

Catalan cream
Crema Catalana £4
I remember the chocolate tart more than this Catalan cream. This was OK. 

Barrafina really with its first sibling Fino really do set the standard of Spanish food in London. It is good but is it really value for money say compared to the quality and value you get if dining in Spain? 

And aren’t tapas meant to be cheap cheery lovely bar snacks or mini bites? I guess I still lament the fact that sometimes you really have to fork out to have some good food which not everyone can afford.  Until that day comes, we have Barrafina and Fino. 

Will I recommend: Yes
Will I come back: Yes
Have I had better: Yes

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