Sunday, September 11, 2011

Byblos Harbour, Canary Wharf

Byblos Harbour is a Lebanese brasserie that opened up last year in the wharf area if I'm not mistaken. I didn't even know about this place until I saw a deal advertised on the Internet. So I bought the deal and headed over to try this new discovery. 

We got the Tyre Menu which is for 2 people to share. It is priced at £40 on the menu. 

Cold Meze

4 cold Mezze

We started off with 4 cold mezzos which includes hummus, moutabal which is chargrilled aubergine, moussaka (fried aubergines in tomato, onions and chickpeas tapenadas) and vine leaves. The hummus really shines out of the four. The rest were decent. 

4 hot mezzo

For the hot mezzos, we were given Kibeh which is ground lamb and onions in a meat and wheat jacket. Rakkat which is a film pastry filled with cheese, fried calamari and falafel. The crunchy calamari went down well as did the kibbeh which were juicy and tender.  

Grilled MeatGrill
A selection of lamb and chicken that has been grilled and served with vermicelli rice. Nicely grilled with the meat still juicy and tender, it went down well. 



This was probably the only part of the meal that I was disappointed with. I think just looking at the photo, you can tell. 

I enjoyed my meal and they served good decent Lebanese food which is a welcomed addition to the wharf area. It is always good to support local eateries and I say yes to more variety!

Will I recommend: Yes
Will I come back: Probably
Have I had better: Yes

Byblos Harbour, The Water Front, 41 Millharbour London E14 9NB

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