Sunday, September 18, 2011

Golden Hind, Marylebone

I love my fish and chips. Coming to London, I was excited and was expecting awesome fish n chips to be found everywhere, Be it newspaper wrapped or served on a fancy plate. Sadly, it seems that what London has to offer is quite elusive. I was told that to find a good one, it will have to be outside of London

That is until I heard of Golden Hind which came recommended. That got me quite excited and I happily roped in some friends for dinner there. 

Watching food passing you with its aroma enticing was too much while we waited for a late party to arrive. We decided to order some starters to tide our tummies over.  

Feta cheese fritters
Feta cheese fritters £3.4

Whole tail scampi £3.6

Interesting fried little bites. I like the crispy batter and both were tasty without being greasy. 

Grilled fish and chips

Fish and Chips
Fish and chips

With some of us trying to be healthy, there were mixed orders of grilled fish and fried fish in the fish and chips order. 

The fish and chips are decent and of a good standard. They don't beat this in Whitby but as far as London goes, this will be one of the places that comes to mind when craving fish and chips. 

Will I recommend: Yes
Will I come back: Yes
Have I had better: Yes

Golden Hind, 73 Marylebone Lane, London, W1U 2PN

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  1. Ahhh the elusive fish and chips in London. I couldn't find any particularly awesome ones while I was there, although I never did try the Golden Hind. At least they serve mushy peas :)

  2. Ha I was just going to say that Catty just posted about the lack of food F&C in London! But this sounds promising!


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